This website is based on the fundamental principle that every human being is an expression of the divine, that you are God also. Everything presented here is designed to support and empower you on your journey of spiritual awakening, and to remind you of the wisdom that you already carry within.

All the material you will find here is based on these truths:

  • Your innate divinity
  • You are the creator of your own reality and experience
  • The journey of enlightenment is the journey of integration and return to Self
  • Love and total acceptance of Self is the key to manifesting this integration

Enjoy the Creator Cards any time you need to gain a bit of clarity or wish to reveal the underlying energy in any situation. The Creator Cards are free to use online as much as you wish, and you may also order your own set to use at home.

The Channel Library provides transcripts of messages channeled by Jean Tinder. Some are group sessions given in a public environment, while others are excerpts of private sessions that felt particularly appropriate for a broader audience. (All identifying information has been removed.)

You may also schedule your own Private Channel Session with Jean. She is a clear and accomplished channeler, and will provide communication between you and your own angelic support team. Other supporting energies may also be available for you.

Check out the Blog to enjoy Jean’s insight, compassion, and practical wisdom on a range of topics.