Private Channel Sessions with
Jean Tinder and your Angel Team

Private Channeled Sessions are a wonderful gift from You to you. It is a time to communicate directly with the energies of your own Angelic Team, the ones who have been with you since before you were born into this lifetime. The energy and information delivered will be very personal and unique to you, for your angels are intimately familiar with you. .

There is much energy, far beyond the spoken word, that is delivered during a session. It can provide powerful assistance in opening to your divinity and embodying all that you are. It can also bring understanding and resolution to areas where you may be feeling stuck. If you are open and receptive, an incredible amount of energy will be delivered and moved during the session and you will be encouraged to rest for a while afterwards.

Session Info:

  • The price for phone and in-person sessions is $150.
  • Sessions typically last 45-75 minutes
  • A digital recording of the session will be provided
  • Major credit cards (Visa, MC, Am Ex, Discover) are accepted and the information will be taken at the beginning of the session. Or click here to use PayPal to make your payment
  • To schedule your session, send a message to Jean Tinder using the contact form below
  • Client confidentiality is respected at all times
  • More information and client feedback can be found here.

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