The Year of New Beginnings

All That I Am, the Angels – December 31, 2007


From All That I Am, along with a chorus of many angels, this was transcribed the evening of December 31st, 2007. – Jean

This is the year of new beginnings. It is the year of birthing, of creation and celebration. There will be a lot of hard work and yet it can all be easy if you choose it to be so. Easy doesn’t mean it’s spelled out for you ahead of time. Easy doesn’t mean you sit and wait for things to fall in your lap. Easy is when you acknowledge that YOU are the creator of everything in your life – every situation, every circumstance – and stop judging it as difficult, inappropriate, or less than perfect. The moment you take full ownership – without reservation, without judgment of what is – is the moment you become the Master of your life.

Being a Master is not about controlling your creation or “getting it right.” Being a Master is about knowing you already got it right, whatever it is. From that knowing you are free to move forward in total sovereignty.

Total sovereignty is not about controlling your life or always pleasing the “little human.” Total sovereignty is about declaring that no one else creates your experiences. No one else manifests your perceptions. No one else causes anything to go “wrong” in your life.

This is the year of sovereignty. But just like the year of freedom, it will not be bestowed upon you by anyone else. Sovereignty, like freedom, is something you must accept within yourself. You can’t even give it to you for it is yours already. You simply must acknowledge it and be it. Do not wait for “evidence” of your sovereignty and freedom. As long as you wait for evidence it will not be in your experience for you are still looking for something outside. The evidence comes after the fact and even then it is irrelevant for the fact is enough in itself.

In sovereignty comes true choice, one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself. Most humans make false choices all the time and then get frustrated at the lack of results. A false choice is made in an effort to fix something that you feel is wrong in your life. It is false because you have simply renamed “rejection” as “choice.”

Can you truly accept everything that is, as it is, in your life? Can you accept it without saying “Yes, but…”? “Yes, but it’s not what I want. Yes, but I choose something else. Yes, but I don’t like what is.” Whether you like it or not, can you accept it?

Making a true choice is about moving your own energy, NOT about getting it “right.” In a year of new beginnings, how can you begin wrong? It is all experience, exploration and expansion. Being a free and sovereign Master is not about finally getting it right. It is about finally knowing you HAVE got it right, you CANNOT get it wrong, and it’s simply time to move your own energy. Even if you go the “wrong” direction, by making a choice you’ll actually be moving and can then change your direction at any time. Have you ever tried to steer a car that was not moving?

Don’t wait for a sign to see if something is the “right” thing for you to do. The signs will come once you have chosen to move and they will be created by YOU – just like everything else in your life.

The apparent result of your choice doesn’t matter. To repeat, the results that come from your choices are IRRELEVANT. Stop looking for evidence, for signs, for ANYTHING outside of you to guide you. It’s all inside, you have everything you need. The moment you stop resisting “what is,” you set yourself free to choose again.

Keep choosing. Don’t give up just because your human self got a notion that a particular choice would have a particular outcome and then it didn’t. Maybe “easy” doesn’t look like what you thought it would. Can you trust that you DID choose easy, that your Self heard your choice, and that “easy” is already happening?

We leave you with this: Stop looking for outside evidence of your sovereignty and Mastery – because sovereignty and Mastery look different in every moment and come from within you. Does the sun check to make sure the grass is green as evidence that it is shining? It just shines. Period.

Make the choice within yourself that you ARE the Master, and simply go about your life. Inside you is the only place you will EVER find evidence that you are the Master of your life. Other’s may see evidence when they look at your life but to you it will still be irrelevant because you are only looking within.

Do you want to escape the illusion and go beyond? The only reality is inside you, God. There lies your freedom.