Something New

Personal Session – February 8, 2007


Note: This is a slightly edited transcript of a client session. In the breathing beforehand, an energy came in that was unlike any other I had ever felt. It defied description in every way and I wondered what words could possibly come through. It turned out to be a very special message.

Before you read this, pause for a few moments to breathe deeply and feel the energy within this message. – Jean

We greet you, dear one. Greet you with a new voice, with a new energy, with a new gift for you. This is a gift that is for both of you, both the one who speaks and you dear angel, who have created this special time.

As you breathe, allow yourself to open and to feel the new energies that have come into this moment. Don’t try to figure it out… we will say that even Jean has not figured it out… it’s a whole new feeling, a new energy. In a way it feels empty, because it is so very clear. In a way it feels full but not like full used to feel. It feels perhaps cool even while there is a warmth.

You have asked for this, you have helped to create this and you have allowed us to bring this energy to you and to help bring it to earth, to help bring it in, in this moment.

We will speak of it as we continue, but for a few more moments we ask you to just breathe. Breathe it in, this energy that surrounds you. Let it fill you, not just coming in through your lungs but immersing yourself in it. It is here in service to you, it is here having been created by you.

Allow yourself to experience this without too much thinking, without trying to identify or name it. Just experience and find out what it feels like to you.

(long pause)

So… the voice that you hear, the collective voice, it is the voice indeed of your runners, your team of angels. It is your own voice. It is a blended voice of many. There are the energies of Metatron, your voice in Spirit who has been so present in a new way these last weeks. The different voices of the Crimson Council. The voice of all of Shaumbra, and even, at another level, perhaps you can feel the voice of all humanity.

We are here because you have beckoned us and you have allowed this, and we want you, in your human self, to acknowledge and to realize who you are and the gift that you bring to yourself and to all of consciousness. You are such a grand angel, such an incredible creator. Perhaps you wonder “Where are my creations?” but we tell you, you are listening to them.

This energy that comes in is very, very new. It is indeed the New Energy. Something that you cannot experience in the old ways of perceiving. It feels different, feels even hard to describe and certainly beyond what the mind can easily comprehend.

It is very, very clear. It is completely clear. There is no imprint on it, there is no structure to it. It waits for you to apply a structure, but then it continues to move. The structure that you apply to it is only in the Now moment, a point in time. You see, in the Old Energy you could place a structure on the energy and then it would take on a life of its own within that structure. It would move forward and evolve within that structure. You can think of any type of structure, whether a plant or an animal or an emotion or a business or an idea… any of these things that you created in the old energy… you took that energy and you placed it in a structure that you chose. And it remained in that structure until you changed it.

This New Energy, it is completely clear. It is fluid, in a way, and it does not retain the energetic structure or signature that you place on it for any length of time. It is there for you to use, to add creation energy to whatever you desire, and then it continues to move and to flow and to be.

You could say it is crystalline energy. Very similar to the energy of the crystalline realms in that it is creator energy but even then it is in a whole new way. It is a whole new way and we are offering this moment for you to feel this energy.

In fact we would like this message to be shared with many others because there is an energetic package or signature within this that you have allowed and helped to create. This IS the New Energy, it is here to serve you. It is here to be used by you. It is totally clear and it remains clear. Clear of color, clear of structure, clear of vibration.

You see, you have heard that New Energy works in a completely new way. This is because it does not carry any pattern. It does not carry any structure. You can apply it to a structure or a creation and it will interact and give it a boost of life, so to speak, but it continues to change. It does not remain in that structure.

So… we thank you for giving the opportunity for this energy to be brought in, to be experienced by you and to truly come in to serve you.

And with that we will be delighted to hear your questions.

M: First of all, hello! It’s wonderful to speak with you. I was full of joy before we talked, but now I’m more than full of joy. It’s like I’m bursting… (laughing) I want to flow it out for the whole world. It’s like “Oooo!! Take it!”

J: This is very much what you are doing. Even in this very moment you are helping to bring this in and then radiate it out. You see, something about the New Energy is that because it is clear, it is – how to say – invisible or imperceptible except for those who are ready to receive it and to work with it. And you are! You allow it to come in, you receive it, and then you turn around and radiate it out with your particular and unique energy signature on it. It is like very, very clear light and you add a bit of color and then it can be seen. Just a flash. Again it does not remain in that structure but it flashes out for others to perceive and to catch on just a bit.

So breathe that in and allow yourself to be that transceiver. You receive and you transmit, all at once. You don’t have to do anything to do this, by the way. You just be and you just breathe and you just expand and you feel that joy – that’s all you need to do!

M: Oh, that’s easy! That’s the joyful part. Oh great… yes. I’m in this happy joyful state.

Okay… and I have a few questions as you know, all about my loved one. We talked about that two years ago after I sort of met him, N, again, and two years ago I wasn’t ready, he wasn’t ready, the energies, whatever. And you told me “Imagine your heart’s desire and one day maybe it will come true.” And what has come true is beyond my wildest dreams. It is…. oh, how can I say this… it’s like I experience and receive all the love I feel for myself, I receive it now from the outside. And… oh, I can’t explain. It’s wonderful! It’s great.

J: It is reflecting back to you what is on the inside to experience in a whole new way.

M: Yes… yes. My question about him… my feeling… after the last Shoud, the Emma story, I knew I was Emma like so many other Shaumbra too. I chose the way I lived and I can clearly see… I can honor my choice and I know everything is fine. I did it the way I wanted to do it. And… with N the moment we spent time together in a very intimate way I, and he also, we felt all the potentials that we didn’t choose for some reason. And I felt not really guilty but sad inside because I felt both at the same time: the potential I chose to live and the potential I didn’t live. It’s not that I go “Damn, why did I choose this way and not that?” That is not an issue for me, it’s that I always look for confirmation after I try to figure out my puzzles. So maybe you can give me some insight about that, a little bit more understanding for me.

J: There are countless, countless potentials in every moment, for you to choose from. There are always many paths that you could have chosen, but in each moment you have made the choice that served you the best.

Now, in the moment it may not appear to be the best, or even in hindsight – from one perspective – it may not seem to be the best. But it IS what you chose. It is what you chose to bring into your reality in this lifetime. You see, your many lifetimes can be… you come and live them in order to live out many of these potentials. And in a way you could say there is another lifetime where you did choose those other potentials, where you did experience that family, where you did experience a different kind of life together.

You can even expand… from your now moment you can expand and tap into that potential and experience it. You can experience the joy and the trial… it was not easy. It would not have been easy, you see. But there would also have been much joy. So you can expand and have the experience in your imagination, of any potential that you choose.

M: I know exactly what you mean, and at this moment I have the feeling, even if I didn’t understand what I have done, but I always felt my whole life these other potentials. Because I was pregnant and I had my real situation, here in this reality, and at the same time I felt it could be different than I experience it now. And in my heart I know there is another way or another life or whatever to experience this whole pregnancy with a man who touches your belly and who is with you and all these things. Sometimes I thought I’m crazy, I’m stupid, or whatever, because I always lived, in a way, in two realities – in this reality and in another – because I didn’t know of all these things. I was always searching or longing for this other experience.

J: It is about becoming aware of the true nature of yourself as a multi-dimensional Being. You see, in a way you can imagine or you can wrap part of your mind around the fact that you are here in human form and at the same time, for instance, you can go and experience, let’s say, the Shaumbra Service Center. Or visit Tobias at his Cottage. You have expanded your imagination enough to embrace multi-dimensionality to that extent. Can you now expand to embrace your multi-dimensionality to include other potentials of your physical reality? You see, you are much more than you seem to be. Your experience is much broader than your specific human focus in this moment.

You are God. You are THE creator of your reality. Therefore, you can create ANYTHING that you wish to experience. If you create a pregnancy and you, in your physical reality, are with someone who… or even not with anyone who is affectionate or who touches you, you can create that experience for yourself anyway. Anyway. You are God, why would you limit yourself based on your perception of the outer world? You can create your reality. You can create the reality of someone being there to nurture and support you. This is the potential… this is where all of Shaumbra and humanity are going – if they so choose – to fully create their own experience without limitation.

You don’t have to be limited by who is with you in this particular reality. You don’t have to be limited by where you live. You don’t have to be limited by anything, you see. You have been playing with this inter-dimensionality or multi-dimensionality throughout your lifetime because this is something that you came in to work with and to play with. And in the New Energy it takes on a whole new set of potentials.

M: Yeah… I love to play with it. As an example: when I have a walk with my dog outside, I go along the street and at the same time I imagine I’m in Cornwall on the cliffs, and see the water and smell the air and… that’s fun!

J: That’s wonderful! You see, not everyone does this – certainly not consciously – but this is something that you brought with you much closer to your conscious awareness because it is something dear to your heart and because it is something that you can teach.

M: Yes… yes. Yes! (laughing) Well, I hadn’t thought about it.

J: There’s no need to think about it, it will simply happen.

M: Yeah… let’s talk about shifts and collisions! (laughing) I was so laughing after… not the last Shoud but the Shoud before… about the collision. And he and I waited two years for the first kiss. And… it was after the Shoud… and with this kiss it was exactly this collision Saint-Germain told about. It was so soft, so sweet, and after that everything changed. New potentials in ways I never thought about or expected or whatever. Since this year I’m always laughing because everything is so… perfect! I don’t know how to explain this… synchronistic or so in time… it’s fantastic. I look around and I love what I create.

J: We love to watch you create. We love to witness the New Energy that you bring into your life. And yes, we love to watch you live out so much of what we share with all of Shaumbra. This beautiful collision… there have been many collisions and many of them, most of them , have not been as gentle and sublime as the one that you chose. That potential is there too and we thank you for living it out and for creating that energy to then radiate out into all of consciousness. It is indeed a beautiful, beautiful thing.

M: So… one more question I have. It’s not important, I’m only… how you call this… nosey… if you want to know something?

J: Curious!

M: Curious, yes! I have the feeling that we spent a lifetime together – one of many lifetimes together in Scotland as male friends who shared the woman…

(phone cuts off)

M: (laughing, repeats the questions) About N and I in Scotland as male friends, and in my imagination I saw we shared the woman together, but underneath, secretly, we shared the love we felt for each other, also the body pleasure.

J: Indeed. We do not hear a question here, we simply hear a wonderful memory. And we simply advise you or encourage you to trust yourself, trust what you feel, trust what you know. And again, this is another potential where you can expand and experience that again also. That lifetime of friendship, of camaraderie, of trust and love for each other, in a different type of way. That foundation of trust, you can experience that and you can bring it all back to you and it can add so much to your experience in this now moment. You can bring it all back to you.

M: Yes. And in a way I have the feeling that, maybe not all, but I brought back a lot from our many lifetimes because when we are together one of the things that I so appreciate is that he loves all that I am. You know? The man in me, the woman in me, and the child in me, and the stupid, everything. And the other way around it’s the same, I love every aspect. Sometimes I think he’s a more beautiful woman than me! So this playing with all these aspects of ourselves that we create this space to be everything we want to be, that we are in that moment, is so wonderful. And with that sometimes the memories come back. When I have the feeling I’m more the man in this moment all these memories from the past where I was the man I can feel it in my fingers. It’s different how I touch, and everything, and it’s funny. It’s joyful and it’s wonderful! (laughing)

J: Indeed! You are integrating all that you are, you are integrating that masculine and feminine, all that you are, and then it becomes available for you to play with in every moment in whatever way you choose. One more aspect of taking off the limitations. It is a beautiful thing.

M: For me, when I’m looking forward, or when I think or feel about the New Energy or the new way or whatever, it’s always playful, joyful and full of love. This is for me… if I have to define this new way I will define it like playful, joyful and full of laughter. That is … yes! That is what I would like to teach the world. Laugh about the things and play and enjoy! (laughing)

J: The world needs that. The world needs love, indeed, and who better to teach it than someone who is living it in every moment, at every level, in every reality?

M: (pause) You see, I don’t have a real question but I so wanted to speak with you and to be with you in this way.

J: It is a true joy for us to share this with you and to bring in this very clear package of New Energy for you to feel and for you to radiate. For each of you… both Jean and you can now radiate this, use it in your own life in a whole new way. It’s not that it wasn’t there before but we bring it in in an even more substantial way because you have allowed this. You have chosen it, you have created it.

So, as you know, it isn’t about the questions necessarily, it is about the energy that is shared and you are… oh, you are such a grand creator.

M: I know … I KNOW!! (laughing)

J: And we applaud you.

M: There’s nothing about me or what I’ve created that I don’t like what I have created.

J: Those very words are some of the most powerful words in all of the universe. To completely love and accept everything about you sets you free. It allows you to become and to be all that you are. Yes… breathe that in.


M: Is there something else you want to share with me?

J: There is very little that needs to be said at this point. You have truly created and brought in some wonderful potentials. We are loving you and supporting you in every moment and, more than anything, standing back and watching you be all that you are. You need so little support and assistance anymore in the way of needing help. You are stepping into your sovereignty and your mastery and we simply stand back and smile from ear to ear, so to speak. We don’t have ears, but you get the idea!

M: That is always my feeling. When I lay down in bed and I open up and feel you I always smile from ear to ear the moment I feel you. So thank you for this confirmation! (laughing)

J: Indeed. We will, as you know, we will be with you as you sleep, as you continue in your life. Again, it has been such a joy for us to come in and share with you. You are paving the way for so many of us who will be coming in in the near future, who will be coming in to experience life on earth in the New Energy.

M: Yes – and maybe one of you can come through me!

J: Ah, there are many potentials.

M: I have no questions and I hug you and I’m so… I love you so much and I’m so thankful for your presence in my life.

J: We truly feel your love and we also send it back to you with our own heartfelt love and compassion. So much honor for you, so much joy. We love you dearly.

We are complete.