Personal Session – July 12, 2007


Note: This is a transcript of a private session, used by permission of the client. It has been slightly edited for clarity, though the energy remains intact.

Greetings, dear one.

We love so much when you just become still for a few moments and allow us to come in so very close, surrounding you and coming in to love you and support you. Ah, what a delight it is for us to be invited in, in this way, to be given the opportunity to speak with you using your human words, even at the same time that we are working with you and dancing with you on the other levels.

You are hearing the collective voice of your angelic team, your runners, the ones who have been very busy with you lately. Oh, there are many things that you love to play with, many different potentials you dance with and sometimes even wondering which direction to turn, because there are so many choices. We have been watching you and listening with you over these last weeks and months of time. We don’t want to say too much here ahead of time, but we are honored to be your team, we are honored to be working with you in the ways that you allow – ways that are so wonderful and supportive of you. As you allow the energies to move there’s so much that we can do right along with you.

We’re speaking rather generally here, though we do have some specific messages for you. But we’re going to let you take the lead here and allow this session to flow according to what you desire. So with that, we will begin with your questions.

Q: First of all, thank you so much for your love and support, and I appreciate you being here today. I do have some questions. I’ve been in limbo for a while, almost on purpose but also because I haven’t … the energy’s been building up and it really needs an outlet for my passion. My passion has always been teaching or facilitating with others, that is how my creativity works best. It’s where my lights turn on the biggest and where I feel more centered.

However, I’ve noticed that a force has been building up from something about teaching classes. I attempted to schedule a class and a pretty mighty force came in to say “absolutely no.” The type of material that I work with is of course with the New Energies, much of it has to do with leaving the old illusions, and I think there’s probably a force in mass consciousness that isn’t … maybe I’m breaking some of the rules here or something. But anyway, so I felt that maybe I was done with my teaching, and of course when that happened, I practiced being in the Now and being peaceful and expecting. However, I feel this energy building up that needs an expression.

So I’ve been feeling in limbo. I thought maybe … I’ve been getting excited about the idea of possibly doing some private sessions again with this New Energy material that I’ve recently been working with and I’m so excited about. If I can’t do it in a class setting, maybe perhaps I could do it with individuals. I’m interested in this centering the self in the whole self – in the whole presence – bringing the whole presence of our self and being centered in that and staying in that centered presence in the Now, and I was wondering if you have any helpful points that I could include in my sessions or what would be some of the most important things to include in these sessions from your perspective?

A: Indeed. First of all, as you wonder what is going on and what is this that is stopping you, remember that you ARE a teacher. It is not something that you do, it is something that you are, and this will not ever change. So, indeed there is some very interesting energies happening right now. There may be an element of this mass consciousness resistance that you imagined, but truly that is not the primary cause of this force or this energy that you felt. It is yourself, and it is not yourself blocking you, it is yourself saying, “Wait, just a bit. We have something else going on here. Something’s cooking, and we want to channel all this energy inside. We want to bring it in.” It is like bringing in the energy of the rain to saturate the ground, soaking it up, sometimes even flooding it and then there will be an explosion of life. So, it is something that you are choosing to just hold back just a bit. It is not a permanent situation, and we do agree with you in the appropriateness of, at this time, taking it more toward the private session type of dynamic or situation.

Trust yourself in this. Trust that you are not at the mercy of mass consciousness in any way. No one can stop you when you make a choice to move. Accept yourself, you see. Yes, there are forces who wish that these changes would not happen, but they are at a different level than you. You can feel them, but they don’t need to impact you, you see. When you are absolutely in your passion, moving forward and doing these things that you love to do, the ones who resonate, the ones who are ready for what you have to offer will come to you. No one is going to keep them away. So understand this is a self-choice at the moment.

Now, as far as the private sessions, there are so many wonderful potentials here and we would encourage you to put this out, to offer your services. Even as Tobias said a few days ago, we would encourage you to distribute more than to promote. To turn on your light, to say “Here I am,” put a notice of yourself or what you have to offer in many different places, and then take off all agenda for the results. Put yourself out there in whatever way feels appropriate for you and then be with you and play with yourself and do what you love – and be in the moment of course. We know that you know all of this.

But something that you can do – that we would recommend for your private sessions – is to invite us in to work along side you. We are not your guides or your leaders or anything like that, but we are here to assist. We’re your assistants. So you can invite us in to work with you as well as the entourage of the client that you are with. Every human, especially those on the path of awakening, those on the path of self-discovery, they all have their own group or their own support team, and it can be tremendously beneficial to work with those teams, to invite them in and even to help make your client aware that they have this support team.

As you know, it is very much about Self and about coming home to Self. It is no accident that you are feeling this energy of being in the Now and bringing all of You into the Now. That is the path of ascension. That is what is so necessary right now. It is what Shaumbra will be teaching – that total acceptance of self, that total embracing of all of your aspects. And this is such a leap of awareness and consciousness for so many. It may have to be in small increments and small doses of awareness, but yes, this is a wonderful potential for you. It can be a way for you to flow your energy with the personal sessions that that is a different type and level of energy flow than within a group situation. We see it as very appropriate for you right now.

Q: Okay. Sometimes I experience something that I might call an ego force from other people – the ego resistance within them. Is there a way of working with that? I almost thought that’s what it was when the last class was canceled, because we were about to take a big leap and it felt like the collective force was kind of the egos of the class members themselves just saying, “No we’re not. We don’t want to go there right now.”

A: It is important to honor this, very important. And whether you call it ego or soul choice or mind or emotion or whatever else you want to call it, it is important to HONOR it. When the clients come to you, there will be parts of them that are in resistance, almost for certain. There will be parts of them that want to maintain the status quo, that simply want to improve the life they have rather than change everything, which, as you know, is so often exactly what is going to happen.

But they have an internal knowing. They are God also even if they don’t know it yet and they know their own path. They come to you and will take what they need, what they are ready for, and then they may say, “Alright, this is enough for now.” Now they may say this in a variety of ways, coming up with resistance, coming up with conflicting schedules, coming up with illnesses – there are many creative ways humans have to put their life on pause while they absorb and integrate some new information. And it is important, very important, to trust and honor this.

We would say that a very good way for you to handle it when it comes up, when you do feel it, is to bring it to light, bring it to awareness. Now, you may meet with resistance if you say, “Well, I sense that your ego doesn’t want to go here.” They’re immediately going to defend that, whether it is their ego defending or whether they are saying, “Well I have no ego,” or whatever it might be. We would invite you to be fully in the moment and just stick with what you sense. You can say, “I sense some hesitation. I sense a part of you that is maybe wanting to wait, doesn’t feel quite ready. I’m wondering if you can get in touch with that part and check in with it and find out why it needs to wait. Is it frightened? Does it feel safe? Is it full? Is it saying, ‘that’s enough for now, I’ll come back later. I need to absorb this’? Does it just need you to hold hands and give it courage?” You see there are many reasons that this “stop” may come up.

So do not immediately label it the ego. Everyone is at their own pace. Just gently say what you sense and offer them different potentials of what it might be, different ways for them to get in touch with it and find out what they are telling themselves. And then trust that, honor that, respect that, do not give any sense of urgency. It is so easy to have an idea of “you’ve got to get this now or it’s going to be too late.” Of course that comes from the old fears of going to hell if you don’t get it right, but you have eternity to get it, and you can relay this to your client to take off the pressure. Sometimes that’s all it is. They are feeling pressured, like this is something they have to do, and when you take off the pressure, let them know they have as much time as they need, then they can say, “Okay.”

Q: Wonderful response. Thank you so much. I have a question. I read something by Kryon recently that indicated – and also of the “Home With God” book by Neale Donald Walsch – that we will continue to recycle here on Earth eternally. Is this actually correct? We go back to the other side and then we want to experience who we are so we come back to the physical, and then we go back and remember who we are and come back and bring as much of our true self with us to experience it, since we can’t experience on the other side. And this will eternally be back to the physical. But some people think they’re going to have a last lifetime and that would not be accurate then.

A: What they are saying is what has been. You do go back to the other side, remember who you are … hopefully, unless your life has been very, very dense … but you do this. You go back, and then you want to come back to earth. You say, “Yes, now I want to do that. I want to experience this. I want to learn that particular thing.” This is what all humans have been doing.

Now, eventually, the ascension happens. This is where you bring back all of you, all of your lifetimes, all of your many, many aspects, even many aspects of each lifetime, bringing it all back to you in this here and now moment.

Saint-Germain recently gave a seminar about this very thing, about ascension. What is it? What does actually it mean to ascend? Do you become super human? Do you go off and live in heaven forever and ever? What is it? It is bringing your self back to you and becoming absolutely sovereign and complete and home in your own self, absolutely without limitation. You go into what he has called your Third Circle where you are It. You don’t need anyone else. You don’t need anything. You have no desires. You have need for nothing. There is only pure expression, and even that is pure, not from a desire or need. It just is.

Now, not all that many are ready to go through this process. There are those who are choosing to ascend in this lifetime, and it is actually a process of many lifetimes. Many of those who will ascend in this lifetime made the choice many lifetimes ago, and they have been going through the process to working towards this. It essentially boils down to this: what do YOU choose? What do you choose? It doesn’t matter what Kryon says. It doesn’t matter what Saint-Germain says or Neale Donald Walsch or God or anyone else. What is it that YOU choose?

Now, when you fully ascend, when you gather yourself back together completely and enter your own sovereignty, your own Third Circle, there will be very little desire to do it all again because you have an eternity to play in your memories, to play in your experiences and gather together with yourself and absorb and be with all that you have ever done. However, it is possible for you to come back. For instance, Mark Twain was an aspect of the one you know as Saint-Germain, an aspect that Saint-Germain sent out after his ascension to live on Earth, to have a very specific impact, to have some very specific experiences. The experiences were not for the benefit of himself. It was an expression of his essence, rather than an experience of learning. You, as God, as a sovereign being, can do this after your ascension. It is not likely but everything is possible.

There are many humans who are not ready to call it finished. They are still on their path, still wanting to have many experiences, still enjoying Earth. So, the short answer to your question is what do YOU choose in your Now moment when that moment of choice comes. It is absolutely up to you.

Q: Well then would you describe the Second Circle as the New Energies – where the New Earth is – the Second Circle?

A: No.

Q: Okay.

A: The Second Circle is all that you know. It is All That Is. Again, these words are so difficult because we’re speaking in very loose metaphors. The moment people try to make them literal, it all falls apart. The First Circle was hardly even a circle. It was a point of consciousness. It was an Isness. It wasn’t even a thing. It just was. And that point of consciousness, at some point in non-time, became aware that It existed, and It asked the question, “Who am I? Who AM I?” You see, a point unto itself, a point of Unity has no way to know itself. It has no other perspective from which to gain a knowing of Itself.

So that question, “Who am I?,” created the experience or the event of an opening and a fragmenting – that is too harsh a word – but an opening almost like an explosion of consciousness where that Isness split Itself into countless Selves. It gave Itself in each Self Its own essence, Its own sovereignty, Its own creatorship, Its own consciousness. It is no longer a Oneness or an Isness. It has given Itself to many Selves. It is many Selves now and each of those Selves went off to find out the answer to the question “Who am I?” Who am I? They began to meet each other, discovering themselves through the perspective and experience of another. You have heard Tobias and Saint-Germain tell so many stories of these eons and eons of time outside of time, learning about self after having crossed the Wall of Fire. The Wall of Fire is a metaphor for this splitting of self.

That moment – of expansion, of question, of moving one unified Self into many Selves – that was the birth of the Second Circle. Everything that has been experienced and created since then is in the Second Circle. All of your physical and nonphysical universes, your omniverses, everything, it is the Second Circle. It is the circle of creation, the circle of learning and understanding and answering that question “Who am I?” So when all of your parts and pieces that have been so much more than just your human lifetimes … yes, you have aspects of you from all of your existence from that moment of asking the question … now all of these parts and pieces can come back to you, bringing back a portion or a color of the answer of “Who am I?” And of course the answer is “I am that I am,” for that includes everything.

Your Third Circle is when you fully step into “I am that I am.” When you are all that you are; when you bring with you everything about you; every piece and part that has ever spun off; every thought, every choice, every imagination, every experience. Oh, it is so far beyond your mind to grasp this, but this IS ascension. Moving into the Third Circle is moving into your full “I am that I am.”

The New Earth, it is many things. It is, first and foremost, a library or a data center, but it is so much more than that as well. It is an experiential library. It is a place where you come and research, where you can come and tap into all of the experiences of Earth. You see, everyone who has ever lived on Earth has gained much wisdom and all of this is being placed or stored in the New Earth for all of those who have not been in human form to come and study, and gain that wisdom. They don’t have to go through so much suffering and go through countless lifetimes in darkness and forgetfulness.

The New Earth is also a consciousness. It is a type of station, you could say, both coming and going. It is possible to do as Saint-Germain did and move directly into your Third Circle as you leave Earth. In a way, it depends how thoroughly you bring yourself home. You can also go through this ascension and then pause on the New Earth, to play around a bit and experience but also to complete the process of bringing yourself home, to complete the process of ascension. You can also go to the New Earth and be there “on staff,” so to speak, and then come back to the old Earth for a bit more. It is all wide open. We hope that answers your question.

Q: Well, it does, but then it leads to another question, of course. How does one more fully step into I am that I am? What is one way of experiencing that?

A: Fantastic question. It has to do with so many things, but we will try to be succinct here. It has to do with compassion, first and foremost, and of course this is facilitated with the breathing. Compassion for yourself is the total acceptance and total honor of everything – everything about you, everything that you feel, every thought that goes through your head, every deed that you do whether you think it’s wrong or right, every thing about yourself.

Now, you could say, “Well yes, I know this, I do all that.” But when you make this choice to step onto the fast track, so to speak, of ascension or even just to move forward, you make that choice. You put out the call to all of you. You put that call out like the trumpet of Gabriel, sounding your own call, your own trumpet, saying, “I am ready. It’s time to come home. It’s time to come home.”

Now, many of your aspects have not been home in a very long time. Many of your aspects are frightened. Many of them are nasty. Many of them are lost, completely lost. Many of them are going to hold back. They can feel a change, they can sense something shifting and they feel a tug, but they have been burned so badly. They’re saying, “No I’m not going there again. I am not going to follow that tug in my heart. That got me in so much trouble last time.” See, all of these aspects that you have lived and experienced, some of them will come flying back, “Oh yes, great, let’s go!” But there are many of them who are waiting, for one reason or another; who are lost, defeated, sad, angry, frightened, terrified – all of these things.

When an aspect comes home, you will feel it, and you could feel it in a variety of many different ways. You may be going through your day and in some moment when you’re not really thinking about it … because when you think about it, it makes it more difficult … when you’re not really thinking about it and one of your aspects says, “Okay, here I go. I’m coming back. I choose to come home. I hear that call. Here I am.” And in that moment you suddenly feel so sad. Or you suddenly feel furious or some small thing triggers a fury that far outweighs anything that happened. You say, “Well what is going on? I am way overreacting.” Or you feel a sense of absolute despair or some of these other things. You’re reaction tends to be “What is wrong with me? I forgot something. What’s going on here? I’ve got to get myself out of this hole. I have to fix this problem. I don’t know where it came from but let’s get over with it now.” And you talk yourself out of it, or think yourself out of it, or process yourself out of it.

To come home to you requires TOTAL COMPASSION. It requires acceptance, not trying to change anything. When that wave of despair or sadness or anger or grief wells up within you or washes over you for no reason, say “Okay, I’m just going to breathe with this. I’m just going to feel it. It’s not about me. It is an aspect.” Your aspects are not you. They are part of you. If you hit your finger in the door, oh yes, your finger hurts, but you didn’t kill yourself in the door. You know it’s not you. It’s your finger that hurts and you experience the pain. So when these aspects come home, that is when you need to totally accept and embrace everything that you feel. That is why we have said so often let go of the processing. When you try to process an aspect, it runs off again. It says, “No, I don’t want to be processed. I want to be accepted.” So you, with the breath and with love for yourself, just feel everything that comes up.

You’re going to feel things you thought you had solved ages ago – petty things, small things. You’re going to feel small, but it will be different now. And you may wonder, “What is this? I’ve outgrown this.” It is an aspect of you coming back to be loved, accepted and welcomed home. When you feel these things, the difference now is that when you fully accept them, they will change very quickly. They don’t define you anymore because they are not you. YOU are not scared or angry or frightened. You are just feeling that aspect of you.

So again, the short answer is to absolutely accept everything you feel in every moment without trying to change it, process it, fix it, heal it or talk yourself out of it. Thank you.

Q: Wow. That’s a statement. I have to take a second….

A: Indeed.


Q: And I want to make a note of one thing here. I follow some other channelings occasionally and they talk about the birth of the new universe. Would that circle three be the birth of the new universe or would it be an entire birth of the new universe within circle two?

A: Anything that you can define is in circle two.

Q: Ah, very good. So circle three really is more of the fact of the Isness more kind of thing.

A: Indeed. It is a return in a way, but it is not a return to a oneness with All That Is. It is a Oneness and an Isness of your very own, where you now are the Isness. You are one with your self. It is you in your own … you could not even call it a universe. It is you in your own absolute beingness.

Q: That really clears up a lot for me. Wow, thanks. That really, really helps. So does it matter if – I’ll just use me for example. Does it matter if I’m on this planet or on the other side? Sometimes I feel like there’s more motivation to be on the other side as far as using the part of me that is passionate.

A: Does it matter to YOU? You see, this is a bit of a rhetorical question, but not really. When you say “does it matter,” what is your definition of “matter”?

Q: Who would care? Who would be deciding whether that’s …

A: Exactly.

Q: … I understand. I think the main thing is with this lifetime I have been so sensitive. My sensitivities have been so acute that it has more or less required me, if I’m going to have any sense of well being whatsoever, to live very apart from most of the activities of this world. So I’m very, very solitary and I’ve created my own surroundings of peace and feel perfectly content within that. But when it comes to interacting with the world in general, it’s not something that has been easy for me and I’ve chosen to retreat from that interaction. Mostly I’ve gone within myself and found ways to share things that bubble up in ways that work for me. But anyway, because it’s difficult for me to connect or express in this world out very much, it feels very frustrating to me. Well, not frustrating, it’s just like there seems to be a dead end where I can’t find a way to go beyond what I’ve already kind of created.

A: Indeed, and perhaps in a way your question is, are you in greater service on this side or that side?

Q: That’s exactly what the question is.

A: And the answer would be to be in service to yourself. Now, you are already in tremendous service to All That Is. You and so many Shaumbra and so many others find it much, much more preferable to be with yourself. You have come to love your own company and you have come to barely tolerate all of the chaos and the rattled energies out there, so to speak. And you, you are your own best friend. This is a wonderful thing. It may seem odd or different to you, but oh, if only humanity would make friends with themselves, all of their problems would disappear!

Now, you came into this lifetime but you, especially, did not need to. You were not required. You were very busy on the other realms and you still are very busy on the other realms, but you said, “I have got to be there. I’ve got to be in the thick of it for this amazing time. I’ve got to be there.” So you came in. You knew that you would be open, and in a way you created yourself to be wide open with a reason. You’re not a victim to this. You created yourself this way in order to tend to seclude yourself off a bit, because you are being a bit cautious about getting lost in it again. You have had, in the past, a tendency to kind of get lost for a few lifetimes and then pull yourself back out. This time you knew “I’m not getting lost. I’m just going back for these very specific times and reasons.” So you created yourself to almost require that type of seclusion to stay in touch with yourself and not get lost.

Q: Boy does that clarify! Wow.

A: What a gift to you.

Q: That explains it.

A: So …

Q: Well then, the thing is that it keeps you in beingness, not much doingness as far as the world goes, and at a certain point and at a certain age, I have just come to the point of this feeling of “what more is there?” I feel a door closing behind me. I feel the Earth door closing behind me.

A: You have made the choice long ago to ascend in this lifetime, and it’s why you are here. You are on your path of ascension … you WERE on your path of ascension. You wanted to go through it absolutely consciously. You wanted to experience every moment of it. And yes, that door is closing by your own hand. This is where you feel the sense of sadness, the sense of a farewell.

It is very important for you to honor this within yourself. Don’t try to think, “Well, why should I be feeling sad? This is a good thing.” Don’t talk yourself out of what you feel. That door is closing by your own hand, but you’ll look back through it a few more times; look at this Earth you have loved so much; look at humanity you have given so much of yourself for; look at the things in your life, the very simple things of being human – having flowers on your table, having your favorite chair where you sit, some yummy things in your refrigerator – these very simple things of being human. Savor every moment. Feel the sadness of the farewell.

You know, the humans who are given a very small amount of time to live because they have cancer or something, life becomes so precious to them. Yes, there is a period of grieving and fighting and arguing, but when they accept what is happening, life becomes so poignant and precious. They make the most of every moment, knowing that door is closing. For you, that door is closing in a much more profound way. It is not just this lifetime, it is your entire existence. Your existence on Earth, your existence as an angel, all of the tremendous experiences you have had – all the good, bad, ugly – all of them are precious. As you feel this door closing, in a way it IS an end. It is also a beginning but a beginning of something that truly cannot be put into words. A beginning of … (pause) It is a beginning. We will leave it at that. Just feel the energy.

It is a time of tremendous transition. It is very important to be in so much compassion with yourself, to be tender with yourself. Humans, especially Shaumbra, they push themselves. They’ve been in service so long and they say, “Just a bit more, I can do this,” And they take on more responsibilities and burdens and all of this. Now is the time to just be with yourself. And we don’t means necessarily physically alone, but just choose for yourself. Don’t postpone the joy of life. Don’t postpone the precious things, the special things. Now is your time to live like never before. You know why.

So honor these things that you are feeling. Make the most of the years that you have left. There is no outside force that is saying you only have three years left, you only have twenty years left. This is completely your choice and you have not made it yet. You will probably make it in the moment, saying “Okay, that’s it. I’m done.” But your time is precious now. Allow yourself to live every moment completely. We love you so much for this and there even come tears in our eyes when we see the poignance of this, the tenderness and the preciousness of this that has never happened before. We love you so much for this. Thank you.

And we … we’ll add here, we got a bit sidetracked … but you – by this very process that you are going through, this path of ascension, this coming home to yourself – you are in greater service to All That Is than you have ever been before. When you choose yourself and love yourself and shine that light as you disappear off over the horizon into your own Third Circle, you are a beacon for All That Is. Not just for humanity but for all of us, all angelic beings all across the omniverse.

Q: I’m feeling this so much because the truth of it feels so … it’s helping me so much, just being with myself and what’s happening now. This is helping me SO much, these words. To just be with the process and to let go and …

A: Indeed, and just be with the truth of it with yourself.

Q: Okay… If this is eternity, why are all the changes – the body changes, the rewiring – happening so fast? What is the rush with all of this if there’s no time? I mean, I’ve noticed that, you know, it seems like all the channelings and all the experiences that people are having in their physical body, it seems they’re just like racing down. It’s like a tumble down a mountain. It’s almost … yeah, at break neck speed. Is that just because of the nature of the light or the nature of the unfolding or …?

A: We will give a metaphor here that may help you understand. There is time on Earth because you have chosen it to be, and it is true that in the grander scheme of things, there is this sequence, but time is irrelevant. However, there IS that sequence, that path that has been chosen and you can compare it to a rocket launch. Now this is a rocket that is uber-complicated … not sure where that word came from … but very, very, very complicated and complex, involving billions and billions of people to facilitate this project, so to speak. The crew have been chosen, it has been agreed, the countdown begun. The preparation process has been going on for eons of time but the countdown, the final countdown, those last ten seconds, so to speak, began the time of the Harmonic Concordance, or thereabouts. The countdown has begun and you have … all of consciousness has passed all of the stop points, has gone beyond the point of no return, you could say, to ignition.

Now you could say that the ignition button has been pushed. The engines are lighting, and this is NOT a slow process! There’s explosions when you light rocket engines! Energy moves very fast. Now when it starts launching it may seem to get off to a slow start, but all that energy, that explosion, the combustion – that’s the word – all of that combustion is happening at very high speed and very high temperature.

So, the countdown has begun. It has reached its final moments, and in those final moments, everything goes really fast. And when the rocket launches, then there is a whole new set of experiences. You go soaring off and go into orbit and everything is different now. Everything changes. People are still the same but everything is different. You could say people have been living in the rocket for a long time getting used to it. They know they’re going to be there and they’re still in the rocket, but, oooh, they’re weightless now. They still have their personal issues with each other, but “oh, look at that view.” You see, everything is different. The perspective is different. The experience, the environment is the same but different.

So right now is ignition. You could say the Quantum Leap is the moment of lift off. Ah, we love that analogy our self!

Q: Oh yeah, that’s fantastic. I love that. If you and the body have been working with different ways of just talking as a body and getting used to the body consciousness and how to interrelate, I think part of this is allowing the time sequence, but do you have any comments on feeling the body other than giving it permission and accepting and intent and wishes and just allowing it to take over … and then we just be with the process until acceptance of that and to trust what’s happening.

A: Wonderful answer to your own question. It is truly just about just trusting the body. Yes, giving it permission to do what it knows how to do, giving it the safe space. And by this we don’t mean get up in the morning and, “Okay, body, you know what to do,” and then you race off into your day. But being with yourself, breathing, touching, being tender, loving your body saying, “Here, I will breathe with you for a few moments. I won’t presume to tell you what to do but I’m giving you the potential and the space and the energy to do whatever you need to do.” Can you feel the difference there? That pause, that moment of, “Okay….” You sleep at night to just give yourself time to come back together, to pull yourself together again and rejuvenate. Give this to your body at a very conscious level also. At moments throughout your day, just pause for a moment and love you and breathe with you.

Yes, your body is going through many changes biologically, but again they will come into balance. And also, as part of the ascension process, your body has been holding energies of some of these aspects of you. In other words, for example, and this is a metaphorical example, let us say you had a lifetime where you were crushed, for instance. You fell under a cart and died of your injuries. And perhaps you were a child and perhaps you died in terror and that aspect of you is still in that terror, still in that pain, and has been waiting to come home. Your body in this lifetime will sometimes hold that energy. Perhaps your back is painful, because your body is holding that energy of that aspect waiting to come home. And when your aspects begins coming home, maybe you then experience yourself feeling like a small and frightened child.

Now as a Lightworker, you will say, “Well I’m not a small and frightened child. I’m a grand angel. Get this over with!” Ah, but as the Master that you are on the path of ascension, you feel that small and frightened child self and you let yourself feel it. You say, “Oh yes, come here. I love you so much. I’ll be with you while you feel scared.” You welcome home that aspect. And through this choice, your body doesn’t need to hold that energy any longer, because you have brought it home. And your back – in this metaphor – would just find its own balance, for no particular reason, you see.

This is a very simplistic but accurate example of part of the process of ascension and how it can affect your body.

Q: Perfect. Sometimes I think I make metaphysical reasons when there aren’t any also. In fact I’ve had a lot of pain in my tail bone for quite a long time, and I’m trying to make up all sorts of metaphysical reasons, and I think it’s an old injury just reactivating and healing.

A: Indeed, and we would suggest that you go beyond the need to have reasons because, as we said, these things are going to come up within you. These aspects come back, some of them very intense, and there won’t be a reason. And when you try to make up a reason or come up with something, it just stalls the process.

Q: Sure.

A: So let go of the need for reasons and trust your body and love your body. If there is pain, do what you need to take care of yourself to bring comfort in the moment. There was a time when it was appropriate to understand the underlying issues or reasons because it brought self-understanding, self-acceptance, self-awareness. But now you can just be with what is, and that in itself will help the energies transform.

Q: Yeah, I love that too. This is really sinking in very nicely here. I’m getting it on a level that I wanted to anyway. I’m sure there are lots of deeper levels, but I just wanted to ask one other specific thing. Since we’re no longer traveling linearly and we’re in a mode of expanding outward and inward, can you explain this process a little more – this experience of outward and inward expansion and the new whatever, when we’re centered within our self?

A: Ah yes, the mind wants to figure it out – and we love the mind for that – and this is something the mind is going to have a hard time with. But the inner and outer expansion, well your mind says there’s no room in there. If you go too deep, it goes out the other side. But in truth, you are holographic and the deeper you go IN, the more of you there is. The further out you go, the more of you there is, in a way. There are not that many words that we can use to describe this in a logical way, but the energy of expansion outward is a bit easier to grasp, because you can imagine yourself as a balloon or a cloud of energy – your own energy. You can expand as far as you want to and as far through the dimensions as you want to, and you will remain coherent. Your energy remains coherent with the same sense of strength and coherence at your core and at the edge of your extension.

As you expand inward perhaps you can give your mind the idea that you’re expanding inward through the dimensions. Or you go into a house and the deeper you go towards the center of the house, the rooms get bigger and bigger. Now in your physical world that sounds impossible, but we’re not talking about your physical world, although this can actually have effects in your physical world, which we’re not going to get into right now. But as you expand towards yourself or into yourself, you just go deeper into you and there is more and more of you to explore. We’re not sure this answers your question, but it is a question that is very difficult to answer in a comprehensible way. We will place the energy package of this here that you can also feel.

Q: What I was thinking of is, like at the time of death when you go – there’s a pinpoint of light and the closer you get to it, the light gets bigger and bigger. And if you go into the light, there’s a thing that’s called light is all there is. Is that similar?

A: It will do for a metaphor.

Q: Okay. Alright. Well I won’t think about that. I’ll just kind of experience the expansion of going inward and outward. Maybe that’ll …

A: Perfect.

Q: Yeah. Well that’s pretty much covers the questions I had and I’m loving the answers. I have a feeling of expansion with it with your answers, I’m very happy with those. I do have another question … Can the ascension process be completed on the other side without body or is it best to be in the body for it, speaking specifically for my own experience now?

A: Good caveat there, because it does vary. For your own experience, it is possible to ascend from the other side. Now Saint-Germain’s experience, he went through a time where he knew it was time to bring all of his aspects back together. He spent this time coming home to himself and then spent a bit more time just experiencing life, just enjoying the sweetness of human existence. And when it was time, he did walk out of his body and he took it with him as that last aspect of himself. He took it with him and this allowed him the greatest freedom, the fastest transition, you could say, to his own Third Circle, taking all of the aspects of himself in that final aspect of his body, he could essentially step into it in full consciousness.

You can ascend even if you leave your body behind, but we highly recommend that you do not have it buried but rather burned, because that releases the energies of it. They don’t get stuck in the ground, and you don’t have to come back for it. And you can actually go to the New Earth and be with yourself and perhaps bring back those last bits and pieces, perhaps of the energies of your body and these different things in that final step of ascension. You will not hold yourself back by completing this on the other side, but if you choose to take your body with you that, because of it’s completeness, because it is the densest aspect of you and it takes the strongest choice to bring it with you, it makes the choice very – how to say – defined or complete. It will be complete anyway, but this way it is very marked.

So you can do it however you choose, but being in a physical body brings in a type of completeness and solidness and realness to your ascension that just isn’t there when you go through it on the other realms. Very often when you are on the other realms, you have still left parts of you stuck back on Earth and you do have to bring them home to you.

Q: It sounds like that not many people have actually taken their body with them and that there needs to be some kind of understanding. I suppose that would be the complete acceptance of all parts of the body.

A: That is a large part, indeed.

Q: Okay. Alright, I have one more question. I think it was Tobias in another channeling who had mentioned that the Ascended Masters ascended horizontally and that the people who are on Earth now are ascending vertically and that is a little bit of a different experience, because the present consciousness is more expansive than when it was when entities expanded horizontally. Not that it would make any difference, but …

A: We’re not going to play with the terms horizontal and vertical. Those are rather arbitrary definitions, but we will say that many of the “ascended masters” are not. We will say that there are actually very, very few who have entered their own Third Circle and many of those you even don’t know to be Ascended Masters. Some of the Ascended Masters who call themselves such are in their own very elaborate and wonderful part of the Second Circle, and there is nothing wrong with this. They are doing their work. They are helping to enlighten humanity or whatever it is they do, but from their own part, so to speak, of the Second Circle.

This is where the definition of ascension can bring in a bit of confusion. But for the purposes of the ascension as it is understood and discussed by those in the Crimson Council, and the ascension that Shaumbra is moving toward, it has to do with the Third Circle. There are some other unknown Ascended Masters there, and there are some which are called “ascended masters” in the Second Circle.

Q: Okay. I guess the reason I did that was because if I’m in the process of entering the Third Circle of ascension in order to … I was thinking of calling upon some of those who have entered the Third Circle for help. And sometimes this is nice to know on a personal level to make it a little more connected with somebody if you knew some of those.

A: Indeed, and we understand this desire, but the ascension itself, the true ascension into your own Third Circle is a solitary process.

Q: Okay. So nobody can support you in the process or give you insights from their own experience?

A: Yes, insights can be shared but – how to say – it is something that ultimately we cannot walk through with you. We can share insights, share wisdom, share advice on how to be with yourself and come back to you and assist you with that. But, again, you could compare it to dying. When you die, you die alone. It is a transition that you alone must make, and …

Q: We’re just going into our own core, in our own experience with our own core.

A: Indeed. One’s own absolute self.

Q: Yeah. Well that’s a lovely note to end on.

A: Indeed. We have deeply enjoyed this time of speaking with you. There is a great deal of energy that has been embedded within this and has been an honor to speak with you in this way. We do love you dearly, and we are honored to be working with you.

We are complete.