The Puzzle of You

Shoud – March 22, 2006


Greetings beloved angels, beloved humans. What an honor and a joy it is to sit with you, to be with you, to breathe with you in this sacred space.

Perhaps you can feel as the energies coalesce, as they weave together, uniting such a wonderful and tender energy.

We do not even wish to break the silence… but we know that you love to hear the words, as well as feel the energy, so we will speak.

This is indeed a Shoud, a gathering together of the energies of those in this room, of the angels that come with you, and of all of us who come in. Can you open now and allow yourselves to feel the energies of the Crimson Council? Such a vast gathering, so many of us you know, and you have known.

Allow yourselves to open and feel the tenderness and the honor that we bring to you. You see, we have been watching you, we have been hearing you, we have been feeling you. We can see the challenges that you are facing, and the determination, in your very core, to go all the way. We see you boldly going where no angel has ever gone before.

We are here to bring you comfort… to bring you love, honor and compassion… to share our energies with you. You are one of us, in so many ways. You are the emissaries for All That Is, coming to earth, opening up to all that you are, and bringing in the New Energy.

Breathe in for a moment, and allow yourself to feel our energy as we surround you, as a group and individually. Whether you are here in the room, or whether you read this, take a breath in this moment… and allow yourself to feel US as we embrace YOU.


This is an incredible time in your life, in the life of humanity, the life of Gaia. It is an incredible time in all of history. What you are doing… we know we’ve told you this before… what you are choosing to do in a few short years of time would normally take you lifetimes. Do you feel the impact of this? Do you feel the importance of what you are doing simply by existing? And choosing to breathe? And choosing to embrace all of you? All of you.

When you choose to embrace all that you are… not just the parts of you that you like, or the parts of you that you understand, or the parts of you that seem acceptable to others… but when you choose to embrace ALL that you are, including your fears, your pain, your anger, sometimes your hate, your frustration, your irritability… all of those things that you wish were different about you… when you choose to embrace ALL THAT YOU ARE, the impact is profound. It changes your life. Perhaps you cannot see it, perhaps you wonder when your life is going to change, but it changes the energy of All That Is.

The simple choice to embrace all of you changes All That Is.

What you are doing in this time of such great change… oh, sometimes it seems like everything is in turmoil. You don’t know which end is up, you don’t know what’s going to happen, you don’t even know what just happened sometimes.

It is as if all the parts and pieces of you are like a jigsaw puzzle. A multi-layered, multi-dimensional jigsaw puzzle. You have pieces you’ve put together… you sort of have the edge done, your boundaries somewhat defined, your identity more or less in place. You’ve been working on this puzzle throughout your existence, and every lifetime you add a dimension to it. Every experience colors in another piece.

Some of the sections of the puzzle have been hidden to you… other lifetimes, experiences that you wanted to forget… but through this process of awakening you have been uncovering all of the different hidden aspects to this incredible puzzle that is you. You have begun to see how the different aspects fit together, how this corner over here compliments that corner over there, how this little bit of darkness in this corner sets off the brightness in this other corner.

Oh, you have so many levels and layers and interconnecting pieces in this wonderful jigsaw puzzle of you. You’re becoming more and more aware. This is the lifetime where you can see the big picture, where you can see how it all fits.

And now… just as it starts to make sense, just as you can see the different parts, and the beauty, and all these places that you’d forgotten… now you choose to disconnect. And it is like you’re taking this jigsaw puzzle that is you, throwing it all up in the air, and watching the pieces land again. And everything you thought was in place, everything you thought you understood, now it seems like a jumble again, maybe even worse than ever.

Ah, but look again. Each piece that is a lifetime of you has it’s unique pattern and color and shape, and you had them all more or less fitting together. It was a struggle sometimes to understand how they fit. But now, in this new moment, in this time of disconnection, all of the pieces are disconnecting – and yet it is all you. And it is coming back together in a whole new and amazing way.

You no longer need to spend lifetimes and lifetimes working on this puzzle, trying to figure out where this piece goes and where that piece goes, and oh, that piece was pushed into the wrong place and now you’ve got to move it. All of that processing and efforting and working… yes it got you somewhere, helped open up your understanding, helped you remember who you are… but all of that is no longer necessary. It is all new.

All of those parts and pieces of you, getting tossed up into the air and falling back into a whole new picture… this time, can you trust yourself enough to allow the pieces to settle in exactly where they go? This is a NEW jigsaw puzzle, one that is moving and dynamic, light and dark at the same time, changing and shifting – but ALL YOU. It is you in the New Energy, it is you connected with your SELF.

You see, it can be confusing when you take the pieces of your puzzle and try to connect them with other puzzles. It gets very muddled and confusing. You wonder why it doesn’t fit so well… trying to make a piece fit, there must be a place that it fits, trying and trying… perhaps it wasn’t even your piece! Perhaps, when you allow it to all get tossed up in the air and come back to you, only YOUR pieces will come back to you, because you are disconnecting from all of the other puzzles that you got mixed up in. It all comes back to you. YOU come back to you and reconnect with yourself.

Can you see the beauty, the profound implications, as you come back to you and complete your own puzzle? Ah, then it becomes like a large puzzle piece. You can connect with others in a whole new way. Not to complete each other but to dance together, to compare your colors and to compliment each other and to experience together – and then let go again. When you no longer have to complete any other, when they no longer need to complete you in any way… can you see how the Whole, the puzzle of All That Is, is changing? It is becoming more clear. Everything begins to fall into place.

In a way, it is holographic. As the puzzles get sorted out and your pieces come back to you and the ones that don’t belong to you, you let go, your puzzle comes back together. And it brings a new and complete aspect to the greater puzzle. Complete unto yourself.

So we come in, in this moment, to you… not you as a group but you, personally, in this moment… to remind you who you are and what you are choosing. Sometimes it can seem that the energies are in more turmoil than ever before, that your life is in more chaos than you ever thought possible. You say “If I am ascending, if I am progressing, why is nothing working? Why does it seem my life is falling apart?”

It is because you are allowing all of the pieces to go flying around and come back together in a whole new way. You don’t need to control this, you don’t need to work at it. Just allow it. Sit back and experience it. Your experiences will be new and different, if you allow them to be. Relationships will seem new and different.

Perhaps there are relationships that have been fine, everything going along smoothly, and then suddenly everything’s in an uproar and you don’t know why. Perhaps there are relationships that have been difficult or challenging, and suddenly you forgot what you were fighting about. Or the energy just isn’t there and you don’t care anymore.

Allow your life to change. Allow your experiences to change. As we spoke of last week, you create your belief systems based on your experience. But then they become stuck, they become expectations, and they color your next experiences.

As you disconnect and allow all of the pieces of you to get into a jumble and settle in in a whole new way, everything becomes new – if you allow it.

Can you allow every experience to be brand new?

Perhaps there are humans that you don’t like all that much. When you see them again, can you allow it to be new? Perhaps there are habits that you have throughout your day… can you get up in the morning and allow your day to be brand new? Allow yourself to be so fully in the moment that you do something different? Why do you think you were told to do something different? Because it helps you let go of the belief systems that structure your life.

Allow every experience to be brand new. YOU are becoming new. Yes, you have these memories and all of the experiences of all that you have been in all of your lifetimes in all of your existence. You think “I am not new – I am ancient!” Indeed you are. But you are becoming brand new. Allow yourself to be new.

Your life will unfold synchronistically to the extent that you allow it to be new, to the extent that you let go of the expectations that you have – about anything. Your life will become magical to the extent that you allow it.

And when things seem confusing, or worse than ever, understand what is happening: you are allowing all the parts of you to be rearranged. There IS a divine order in all of this, you chose that. You created the divine order. Can you trust yourself and know that all is well?

And when you feel frightened, when you feel confused, when you feel that you just can’t take it any more… open up and call out to us. We are here in service to YOU, it is not the other way around. You are not doing this for us, we are here for you.

When you feel discouraged and overwhelmed, open up and call out to Shaumbra, all over the world. You will feel the energies rushing in. You are in communication at many levels, far beyond just your human senses. Open up, call out, and allow yourself to feel the energies of love and support and balance.

There is so much love here for you. So much compassion and so much honor. Breathe this in, dear angels. Allow it to be.

We are complete.


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