The Easy Way

Kuthumi – March 15, 2006


Note: In the “silence” before this channel began, several people in the small group broke into suppressed giggling as the energies came in. Throughout the evening there was an unexplainable atmosphere of silliness.

(giggling in background)

Greetings and Namaste, dear ones. Yes indeed the energies of Kuthumi join this auspicious gathering. (more giggles)

What a delight to join energies with you, to sit here and breathe with you and giggle with you. You know that laughter is the best way to move energy, (laughter) and we have a couple of wonderful energy movers here. (more laughter)

Ah yes, indeed there is the hard way (referring to several present who had had a traumatic day). And then there is… MY way! (more laughter)

You can choose to make it a combination, you can have difficult days and easy days. You can get blown to bits (laughter) or you can sail on through. It is your choice. Just because some entity comes in and tells you you’re going to have a hard time, it does not have to be so. Use your own discernment. What resonates with YOU?

Oh, you are each going through some incredible shifts. Each of you, in your own way, is at some stage in the disconnection process. It does not happen all at once, for you would – that would be the hard way! You give it to yourself in stages, in a gradual disconnecting, but each of you have made the choice to connect with yourself.

It is as if you have been holding onto things outside you, energies outside you… whether it is mass consciousness; whether it is the angelic entities; whether it is certain belief systems, certain ideologies; even the hands of God himself. You’re used to holding onto something outside of you to keep your balance. When you let go all of a sudden, it is easy to lose your balance.

But when it is a gradual process of letting go… bringing your energies back to yourself and hanging onto your own center… oh you find a balance in a whole new way.

The question is, for each one of you: How will you choose to go through this process?

How firmly will you hold onto any of your belief systems? ANY of them.

How willing are you to let go or to reexamine EVERYTHING you believe? Everything that you believe about yourself, about every other person… we’re not saying to doubt your perception, but you see, humans have a tendency to perceive something, and then build a belief system based on that perception. And then every subsequent perception is colored through that belief system.

Can you allow each moment in your life to be fresh and new? To see beyond the perceptions of your belief systems about yourself, about others, about the earth, about everything? Everything?

Just because something seems different now doesn’t mean you perceived it wrong yesterday. It just means it’s different! Trust your perceptions but don’t build your belief systems on them. This is a way of holding onto something besides your center, something different than your center.

A belief system is a type of energy structure that you build around you. In a way, it is like you are placing a structure around your energy. Something for you to hold onto, to help shape your experience, to help shape how you present yourself to the world. It is like a type of mold.

Now these can serve you, can help you get through your like, help you get through your day. You have belief systems of many different kinds… varying intensity, varying depth, varying strength… many different kinds of belief systems. But they are each a type of structure that you have put in place. And then they are there, just outside of you, like a shell around you. Like the glasses that you wear, that is what you perceive your world through.

Can you give yourself permission to release or reexamine every belief system?

You hear the words “belief system” and you think, mm… “Christianity.” That is a big belief system. “Mass consciousness.” There are many belief systems in that. “A political agenda.” But belief systems can be very small and very personal as well. You can have a belief system such as “I was such a clumsy child. I am a clumsy person.” And then you filter your experience through that belief system, rather than allowing a new perception of You in each moment.

Is that a belief system that serves you? You make these observations about yourself, but then you build a belief system on that.

A belief system becomes self-sustaining. When you create a belief system, even when it is based on what seems to be reality in the moment, it becomes a belief system and then it works to sustain itself. For instance, your belief system that you’re clumsy: You NOTICE when you’re clumsy, but you don’t even notice all the times you’re not! You bolster and strengthen that belief system.

Each of you have many belief systems about yourself. All of you have many belief systems about other humans; individuals, groups, humanity. Can you take a look at every belief system – as it comes up? You don’t need to go digging. They are there, constantly. In each moment, ask yourself: “What belief system is coloring my experience in this moment? Do I believe that it’s going to be difficult? Do I believe that I’m going to come up to a certain point, just high enough so they can knock me down again?”

Whatever you believe, take a look at it. You will have stories, you will have memories… probably, not necessarily… but you will have reasons for having that belief system. In THIS NOW MOMENT can you reexamine, and perhaps let it go?

This is truly the foundation of disconnecting. You are disconnecting from your belief systems.

You have a belief system about God. You have a belief system about Consciousness. A belief system about the Universe. Most definitely a belief system, a very complex belief system, about yourself. All of these create structures around you through which you then experience your reality. Two people can experience the same event but it is different for each of them because of their belief systems, because of their filters.

So… what is the easy way to do this? What is the Kuthumi way?

Laughter… laughter is a wonderful way. Next time you get the giggles, next time you are laughing, try to stop and think of a belief system. Your laughter will stop – if you manage to come up with a belief system.

Belief systems HOLD energy. Laughter MOVES energy.

So many of you, you have the experience of perhaps repeating a word in your mind or trying to figure out how to spell a word, and when you read or say the word a few times it becomes nonsense to you. It becomes unintelligible. This is a function of your mind, it’s how you’re wired, but try this with your belief systems! Can you find the humor in your belief systems?

Repeat a belief system about yourself over and over until it becomes nonsense. You will find the humor in it, you will laugh it away. What a wonderful way to move energy! What a wonderful way to dissolve the structures around you. What a wonderful way to disconnect.

It does not have to be difficult. Indeed it does not. I, Kuthumi, had a wonderful time disconnecting. Disconnecting from mass consciousness, disconnecting from my belief systems. I had some wonderful ones, they served me well. But I began to see how ludicrous they could be – even the ones that served me – because they formed a structure. They contained my energy and I did not want it to be contained any more. The limits… no matter how grand they were, the limits that I placed on myself were still limitations. I chose to go beyond.

Several of you here have experienced the difficult way to disconnect, the difficult way to birth your Self, the difficult way to redefine who you are, to re-perceive or renew your perceptions. Some of you have come into self-doubt. Some of you wonder how LONG this is going to go on! (laughter)

It is up to you! How long do you BELIEVE it should go on? What belief systems can you let go of to give yourself the easy way?

The belief system that you have to work hard to get anything of value – oh that is a deep one! “If you don’t work hard at it, it’s not worth much. If you don’t pay a lot of money for it, it’s of very little quality. If you don’t put in a lot of effort, it’s not worth your time.”

This is a belief system. Is it serving you when it comes to your own evolution?

You can work very hard to release your limitations, to birth yourself and expand into all that you are. Indeed you can work very hard at this and eventually you will accomplish it. Will it be more valuable to you than if you were to slide right in? Step on a banana peel and land in enlightenment? (laughter) Hmm, sounds more fun! Can you choose the FUN way?

Oh, we say to “choose the easy way” and your mind kicks in. “What easy way? This is supposed to be easy – but that is hard – but this is easier than that – but that one is a little easier in this way…” and you get so tangled up and make it harder.

How about “choose the fun way”? To laugh with yourself, laugh at yourself, and your silly, silly belief systems? They have served you… some of them. (giggling) They are indeed amusing. (more laughter) YOU are indeed amusing!

You can choose the fun way. It IS the easy way – but you don’t have to figure it out. If you are having to figure out how to have fun, you are NOT having fun! That’s very plain. Fun is spontaneous and free. You ALLOW yourself to have fun, you can’t work at it. It becomes “not fun” as soon as you start working at it.

Have fun, dear angels. Have fun. Don’t get up in the morning and think “What have I got to do today? Oh yes, I have to breathe” (much laughter), or think of the things that you have to release. Get up in the morning and think “What is there that I can have fun at today? Can I let myself be a silly, silly human?” (more laughter)

Dear ones, we love you so much. It does not bring us joy to…. when you ask us to “knock you flat.” (laughter) We would much rather have you die laughing.

We love you so much.

We are complete… but you are not! (lots of laughter)