The Bouquet

Kuthumi, Raphael, Saint Germain, Tobias – August 19, 2006


It is time. Dear Shaumbra, dear humans, dear angels, it is time to be all that you are.

It is true that we… the angels on our side, I, Raphael, dear Tobias, Saint-Germain, Kuthumi, all of the ones who so love to come in and speak to you… it is true that we tell you this so often, to BE all that you are. It is indeed time.

Oh, but you see, if you don’t choose yourself this moment, you can always choose yourself in the next moment. There is such a consciousness overlay that you’re going to miss out if you don’t get it right THIS time. We tell you: It is time. But it is ALWAYS time. You’re not going to lose out if you wait until tomorrow!

So indeed it is time for you – each of you – to be all that you are and, more than anything, to turn to Self. To love yourself, to choose yourself. We tell you, over and over, that this will be – this IS – the solution to every perceived problem in your life – bar none. Choose Self first.

What an honor it is to be invited in to speak with you on this night. It is a special time indeed, a time of a type of ending, a time of beginning as well. You dear ones who participate in these wonderful gatherings, you have each come so far in your personal journeys. You have come so far.

You have availed yourself of whatever was appropriate in each moment to help you move along your path. Sometimes you stumbled upon wonderful truths that brought a warmth to your heart, brought those “Aha’s” to your mind. Other times you created challenging situations for yourself, teaching yourself lessons – hard learned lessons – but it has all brought you to this point. And somewhere along the way you also chose to participate in this group, chose to participate and share your energies, coming together now and then to meet.

You love to come and hear the channels, you love to come and receive that energy, but it is truly you. The angels love to come in and speak to you – but we’re always here. The greatest benefit that you gain from these gatherings is each other: reflecting you back to you; listening to you; hearing each other; just sharing your energies. You… as Shaumbra, you are so much more than the sum of your parts and when you come together, magic happens.

Indeed we asked for some breathing to take place on this night. It’s so easy to forget to breathe. When you breathe together you don’t have to use words, you don’t have to have a structure. You don’t even have to have silence! (referring to background noise during the breathing) When you come together and breathe, indeed creation happens.

We would love to see these gatherings continue. We would love to see you coming together, having fun, sharing your lives, and then just breathing. It’s so easy to get into the head, so easy to get into those mind loops, but when you sit together and just breathe you find clarity – if you allow it.

There are many potentials, many ways that you could choose to come together, but we would love to see these gatherings continue. It is you, dear Shaumbra, it is you that creates the magic. It is not the words of one voice, it is all of you. And you never know what might come up, you never know what might be shared, what insights might be created when you come together. Of course it is up to you.

Many times it has been said… Tobias loves to say to Shaumbra “Gather! Gather together and join your energies. Be, simply BE with each other.” It is a wonderful thing. You might even come together and share your energies and have fun and not do anything that you would even call spiritual, but something is happening at the other levels. Something is always happening when YOU are together.

So indeed… perhaps you wonder “What is the message on this night?” Ah, it is nothing new, nothing that you don’t know. It is more an energy that we bring, an energy that we come to share with you. It is an energy that you have co-created. This energy of… oh, there are many colors of this energy, many things that you could call it… like a bouquet. Yes. We will call it a bouquet.

In a bouquet of flowers you have many colors, you have different kinds of flowers, each one perfect and beautiful on its own, but when gathered together it creates such beauty. So we weave together, on this night and into these words, and energy bouquet just for you.

You have the energies here, yes, of I, Raphael, the Angel of Courage. Every one of you, as we have told you, have embodied courage in your life. And many of you are facing things in your life right now that will require courage: courage to change your life; courage to choose yourself.

Sometimes that can be the most frightening choice – to choose yourself. You have so many overlays that say “Choosing self is so wrong. So wrong.” It can take great courage to choose yourself in the face of all of your perceived responsibilities; in the face of everyone who wants your energy; in the face of everything you have to do. To choose self first can take the greatest courage, yet everything flows from that.

Perhaps you see changes coming in your life and you don’t know how they’re going to unfold. When you choose self first everything else will flow. So indeed, we bring the energies of courage.

The energies of compassion, so deeply woven in… If we compared it to a bouquet, the energies of compassion would be sprinkled throughout. With all of the grand and beautiful flowers, the energy of compassion is like the leaves and the stems of each one.

Compassion, as you know, is honor. Honor first for yourself, for everything that you feel, for everything that you choose. Deep honor for you. And when you have total honor for yourself, then you honor everyone around you. Everyone that you see, every news story that you hear, everything in your experience you can give compassion. It is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself and to anyone, the gift of the energy of compassion.

And in this wonderful energy bouquet there are the energies of magic. Magic is such a fun word, we think it is a wonderful stand-in for the word gnost! Gnost is the word for the energy that you are learning about but truly it is the magic. It is the “solution energy,” as Tobias calls it, the creative solution. It is that which fills in, brings to life your choices in a whole new way. Truly it is magic. Not magic in some mysterious way that only magicians know about… and then again, perhaps it is. YOU are the magicians, it IS mysterious. But it is real.

You can imagine in this bouquet all of the sparkles of these beautiful multi-dimensional flower energies… or energy flowers… the sparkle of magic. It’s all around.

And indeed in this energy bouquet is the energy of love. A soft, strong, beautiful, deep energy. The energy of love, out of all of these other words, these other things that you talk about so much, the energies of love can permeate it all.

Energy, first, of love for yourself – one of the dearest reflections or manifestations of love. Energies of love for each other… can you feel the love in the room when you come together and share and laugh? It is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Energies of love for a family, for loved ones whether near or far, for humanity. So many levels of love you are capable of love. Oh, and yes we feel the love that you have for us – now allow yourself to receive the love that we have for you.

We bring, also, to this energy bouquet, the energy of joy. Such a beautiful energy, a bit hard to define. You see, you can feel joy even when you’re weeping in sadness. You can feel joy underneath frustration, perhaps. You can feel joy whether you’re happy or sad because, you see, joy is the energy flowing freely. You feel joy when you feel your energy flowing freely.

You… dear energy movers that you are… take a breath here now and allow yourself to feel the energy that is flowing, rushing around this room. Not all defined in a circle or spiral, don’t try to imagine it in a particular configuration – just feel it, rushing around. When you watch a flock of birds in the air they don’t go in any particular way, they go this way and that, changing directions, flying around. That is what the energy is doing here. It is not chaotic but it is lively. It is flowing eagerly. This is you, this is your energy.

You, dear Shaumbra, you are not stuck in you stories. You’re not stuck in your lives, you’re not stuck in your processes and your issues. They come up sometimes but you keep flowing, you flow right through them. More accurately, you flow them right through you, you see. You allow the energies to flow. And when you come together, if you could only see from our perspective the grand, wonderful energy river… multi-dimensional, multiple-directional river… that flows so eagerly all around this space, in every direction. So yes, the energy of joy is very present here.

You are creating this. These are your energies that you have created, you have allowed, you have purified and clarified. Throughout your life you’ve had glimpses of compassion, you’ve had glimpses of magic and joy and courage, and during all this time in your awakening, coming to this point, you have purified and clarified these energies and all of the energies that make up who you are. We could continue, there are so many other subtle energies that you bring with you, energies of truth, energies of… there are so many.

Now, just allow yourselves to feel this, and yes indeed, take a breath. Breathe deeply. What do you do when you get a bouquet, what is the first thing you do? You breathe! You breathe in the fragrance of the flowers, you put them up to your face and feel their texture, and you breathe and you breathe. Let yourself breathe in and breathe out the energies that are here. Let them flow through you.

You can take them home with you. Put them in the vase of your heart. This is what you carry with you everywhere you go, whatever you do. When you are tired, when you feel confused, when you’re not sure where you’re going, stop for a moment and breathe. And turn to that beautiful bouquet in the vase of your heart. Remember who you are.

Remember how you’ve created and purified these energies. They are so accessible to you, fully available to you now. It is so easy to forget… in the day-to-day activities and all of the things going on… so easy to forget to come back home, to come back home to you. But you can make it a habit, you can place reminders for yourself. Perhaps you could place a pebble in your pocket and every time you touch the pebble you remember to breathe and you remember to give yourself a bit of love. Whatever it takes to remind you to constantly come home. And from that space you will create the most beautiful and wonderful life. It begins with you and it flows from you.

Breathe in this beautiful aroma of the energies of you. Yes, when Kuthumi says he smells you, what do you think he was smelling? It is your energies becoming so clear, so beautiful.

Dear ones, return to you. It is time.