Kuthumi – February 22, 2006

In a casual gathering several Shaumbra came together to eat and talk with each other before the meeting. Many of us could feel the presence of Kuthumi, feeling his humor and joy, and after a few hours of fun, joy and laughter, we sat together for this channel.


Greetings and Namaste, dear ones!

Yes indeed, so many of you felt the energy of Kuthumi. He joins his voice to the Shoud that is being shared on this night. You can already feel his humor and hear his voice mingled in with your own as we bring the energies together. When you sit together and breathe, simply breathe… simply allow yourself to be still for a moment… give yourself the gift of simply being and come together with other human angels is this way, in this energy of safety and trust… oh you allow so much magic to take place.

As you sit here and breathe, as you hear the music, you allow the energies of the angels to come in, to join you even closer. When you breathe you allow your own energies to become melded together, creating something unique in this moment. Every time you come together there is a composite energy created by you. Each one of you adds your energy and it would be something different if one of you was not here.

So understand the importance of each one of you in this message. Yes, it will be shared with others, yes there are others joining. But the ones of you who have chosen to be here, adding your energies, sitting in this space and breathing together, it is your gift. A gift for you to receive and a gift that you are giving.

We love to sit and breathe with you, love to sit and BE with you. You come together in harmony, come together in love and compassion and honor. Each one of you have come from a unique place on the planet, a unique life experience. Each one of you bring unique energies.

We want to speak a bit of how the energies come together and work with what you are doing. There are some of you who recently took a course called DreamWalker. You learned what this meant, you learned many things about this. Much of it was a remembering.

We will tell each one of you now that we have another word for you: Each one of you has a unique way to manifest this. Each one of you will recognize yourself in this term we will give you. Each one of you will immediately know how it is you embody the energies of… a Lifewalker.

Each of you give of yourself, you have each touched so many lives… walking the path with another angel for a moment or a day, a few months, a few years, sometimes a lifetime. You are Lifewalkers. You walk your path, you know the way Home. You do, you have gone through many trials, many challenges, many struggles and difficulties. Much joy. Many, many experiences to find the way home. You know the way – whether you think you do or not.

So you walk that path. You are on that path wherever you need to be, and when you encounter those around you, whether it is a brief moment in the grocery store… whether it is a deep friendship that lasts years… you are a Lifewalker for another human angel. Do you know how much honor there is for you for this work?

Oh it comes natural to you. You have this inner desire, this inner burning to connect, to share your energies, to share your Self with others. It just comes natural to you. Do you know how special this is? Do you know that there are many…. MOST humans do not have this in the same way or to the same degree, to carry the compassion, the honor for another human. To stay on the path, and simply offer your presence.

Oh, there are many who carry the burden of assisting other humans, who take this on themselves to “show the correct path.” To lead them away from the wrong path, you see. There are plenty of humans who choose this, but this is different. We could call this Lifepusher! (laughter) It does not work so well and it is not honoring.

But you, dear Lifewalkers, you walk your path. You know the way Home, and you offer your presence to any other who chooses. There is a great deal of honor for each of you, for offering yourselves in this way. So often you take it for granted, but we wanted to bring your attention to who you are. Give you a new type of perspective of perception.

Do you know that it takes a Master to do this? It takes a Master to be a Lifewalker – one who stays on their own path and honors every other. One who trusts themselves. Oh yes, we know there are times when your trust has gone out the window. But at the core level you DO trust yourself. You KNOW what resonates with you. You don’t try to force it on anyone else, you simply come back to that resonance with yourself.

This is very potent. We talked some time ago about finding your tone, finding your own note, your own coherence. This is a very powerful energy. When you come into resonance with yourself it sends out a wave of coherence, a wave of clarity, to everyone around you. To everyone, not even only in your physical proximity but everyone in your sphere of influence. When you return again and again to your center, to your own energy, to your coherence, to what resonates with YOU, others feel it. And they come to you… for a moment, for a longer time, whatever it is… they come to you because it helps them find a bit of clarity for themselves.

This tone of resonance, this wave of clarity that emanates from the center of you has a great impact. This is how you are a Lifewalker, you see. The Dreamwalkers were told never to push or pull, never to go… ESPECIALLY never to go out searching. Never to go correct anyone else’s perception or path or experience. They only stay on the path, offering their presence. You see, it is your presence… the clarity, the coherence that you embody by trusting yourself. By trusting yourself… this clarity and coherence is all that is needed.

The ones will come to you for whatever they need. You do not take on their burdens, you do not every take responsibility for their problems or their feelings. You are responsible for your own. But you see, by coming to your own center, by choosing you first, by choosing that which resonates with you first… you are an incredible light to everyone around you who chooses to make use of it, who chooses to come into your presence.

You… ah, you have heard this before… you, each one of you, are the Light of the world. You are not here to save anyone from darkness. You’re simply here to bring clarity. You see, we do not mean light as opposed to dark. We mean clarity. You are the CLARITY of the world. You bring clarity, you bring a stillness. You could say the world, humanity, is shrouded in a fog… yes some of you experienced this recently… the fog, the confusion, the lack of clarity, you cannot see where you are going, you cannot find your reference point. We are not speaking to you, we’re speaking of most of humanity.

They experience this fog and then you come and you bring your clarity. You don’t push away the fog, you don’t go and take them out of it. Your presence simply changes the potentials that are available to themselves.

We want each one of you here, and each one who will hear or read this, to feel within yourself all of the different ways that you ARE a Lifewalker. How you walk your path and simply offer your presence. It is a powerful thing that you do. And we invite each of you to see yourself in this way. To see yourself as a Lifewalker. To see the service that you provide by loving you first.

You see, a Lifewalker is not checking everyone else’s path to compare it to his own. “Perhaps he is on the wrong one. That path over there may be the one he should be on because that other person is taking it.” A Lifewalker walks his own path. There is a tremendous impact… we cannot state this clearly enough… there is a tremendous impact by a human angel who is in resonance and coherence with themself.

So many humans… you seek to resonate with something outside you. You choose to affiliate yourself with some type of belief system. You try to resonate with the expectations of others, expectations of mass consciousness. There are so many things outside that humans try to resonate with, or try to match. They try to change their own tone to match something outside themselves.

It causes confusion, it causes dissonance, it causes stress upon the body. It causes all sorts of imbalance and they feel this imbalance and then they look for something else to match, to resonate with. Anything but their own core… “Oh, that would be selfish. That might be egotistical,” they say. But that is truly what brings clarity.

When you resonate with your core… bring your point of reference inside you… bring YOU into coherence… it is like striking a gong and the tone of clarity affects and impacts everything around you. Your own life becomes clear. Those around you can tap into that clarity if they so choose. They are not going to… some of them may try, but for the most part they are not going to try to match YOUR tone because you are setting the example of matching your own. They can then tap into the potential of matching their own, of finding their tone, their resonance within themselves.

Can you imagine a world where every human resonated only with themself?! Oh you think there would be anarchy. Ah, there would be clarity. Each person would be in balance. Rather than hooking their energy all over the place and pushing and pulling in all sorts of confusion, they would be in their own center, creating their life from a place of balance. It would change the world.

You, dear human angels, you are changing the world a step at a time, by being the Lifewalkers that you are. Oh, each of you have had moments of being Lifepushers, but you know that doesn’t work. You can feel it, you can feel it within you. It is too uncomfortable for you to stay there for long. You have found your own tone and your own resonance… without exception you each know to come back to that. We honor you for this.

Indeed we called each of you here today because we wanted to acknowledge you, wanted to acknowledge who you are, what you are doing. To join in your laughter together, have a bit of fun with you. We love it when you come together in this way, simply sharing energy.

You can feel… you can feel how good it feels to come together with other humans who are clear, who are in balance with themselves. You can feel how good that is. Take this energy with you, take this remembrance with you. As you go out back into your life, all of the directions that you will go from here, resonate with yourself. Don’t look for something outside you to match your energy to. There is NOTHING outside yourself that will bring you clarity. It is coming into your own balance and your own coherence that will bring you… your life… into balance.

We love you. We honor you.

We are complete. Namaste.
Sitting together after this channel, Kuthumi’s energy was still very present. Anthony had been holding a large book of Dr. Seuss and without even thinking I asked him to share with us what Dr. Seuss had to say. He opened the book at random and read the following. I add it here because it felt so resonant with the energies of the evening.

First we are greeted by Drummers who drum as they come.
And next come the Strummers who strum as they come.
And the Drummers who drum and Strummers who strum
Are followed by Zummers who come as they zum.
Just look at those Zummers! They’re sort of like Plumbers.
They come along humming, with heads in their plumbing
And that makes the music that Zummers call zumming!

And all of this beautiful zumming and humming
And plumbing and strumming and drumming and coming…
All of it, all of it,
All is for you!