With Raphael – March 8, 2006


Blessings and salutations to you.

Each of you humans who are here, each of you who hear or read… open your heart, open your energy, allow yourself to feel.

Can you feel the thickness of the energy that fills this room, this space?

Can you feel the compassion?

Can you feel the courage? It is the courage of each one of you.

And can you allow yourself to feel the energies of Raphael… who comes in to speak with you, to work with you… joining the energies of the angels who came with you and who came to meet you here in this timeless space.

Allow yourself to FEEL.

Each one of you, without exception, has been facing your fears. Perhaps one or two, perhaps every fear you could think of. And nearly without exception you did not back down.

The compassion we have for you is immense. The honor we give to you is more than words can convey. Allow yourselves to feel our embrace as we honor you for what you have chosen.

It takes great courage… great courage to disconnect from all that has sustained you. It takes incredible courage to turn within and to trust yourself, not knowing if there will be ground beneath your feet for the next step, let alone tomorrow. It takes the greatest courage to continue moving forward, choosing life, allowing yourself to continue on this path.

As these fears come up, honor them. And honor yourself for facing them, for allowing them. They are very real. They are based in many realities that you have faced over your lifetimes. But beneath every fear is the original fear of the original pain of losing your Self… of never returning Home. Can you honor this?

You have the intellectual concept… you’ve been told that home comes to you, that you’ve done nothing wrong. But you don’t always feel it, do you? Sometimes you feel adrift. Sometimes you feel lost. Sometimes you feel beyond the reach of God. Sometimes you feel invisible, even to us. Honor yourself for this.

When the angel Raphael comes to be with you… Raphael is called the Angel of Fear. He does not bring fear – but he helps you face it. And yes indeed his energies speak to you.

When Raphael comes to you he offers his services, offers to hold your hand, to stand with you. He will not take away the fear, but you see, these things that you are facing, they are parts of you. They are fears that you have held in the deepest places for eons of time. They’re coming home at last.

You see, the resolution of this energy… the dissolution of the fear… is found in embracing it. In allowing it to fill you, to come home to you, to embody . What does it mean to embody? It is to fearlessly accept what is.

When you feel afraid, embody your fear. FEEL AFRAID! Allow it. You’re not less evolved, you’re not lacking enlightenment when you feel fear. No, when you allow your fear to fill you, to be embodied within you, you exhibit the greatest courage. It is this embodiment that will transmute it.

The energy of Raphael comes in to hold a steady space, a steady energy to help you – so to speak – brace yourself and say “Bring it on.”

When you feel a fear coming up… and fear can be disguised as other emotions, but when you go to the core you know what it feels like. This is not fear of something external. This is the fear… deep inside you this is the fear of disconnection. This covers many things. When you feel this, send out a call. You will find us with you immediately.
Indeed this process has been compared to giving birth. It was spoken of last week how this process of being birthed – it can feel so constrictive. Like you cannot move, like everything has stopped and you don’t know what’s coming. But you see, you are birthing yourself.

There is the other aspect of birthing – it is the One giving birth. This One often feels fear. Oh, but you know… you know the answer to coming through the birth process is to breathe! It is to breathe.

As you birth your Self, you feel your inner self, the true and full you, pressing out, wanting to express, wanting to be born – so to speak. Oh yes, you birth yourself through the heart. Sometimes you can even feel the pressure of you pushing forth. This is when it’s time to breathe.

You can reach out, you can take our hands, hold yourself steady. It is you who will do this, you who are birthing you. We cannot do it for you. But we weep in honor of you. We see what you’re going through. We see the courage you exhibit. WE SEE YOU. We honor you. We love you. We weep with you.

Dear Raphael, he has accompanied so many human angels on journeys into their deepest fears, against seemingly insurmountable odds. Raphael has come in now for each one of you. Don’t worry that he might be too busy, there’s enough of Raphael to go around!

Be open for this energy. You will find that when you need it most, you will see a look of compassion in the eyes of another, and something will tell you “That was Raphael.” When you need it most, you feel the touch of love… honor… perhaps even from a stranger. They may not even know what they’re doing, simply touching your shoulder… it is the touch of Raphael. He is telling you “Be of good courage. Know who you are. Tap into the depths of your strength.”

Sometimes when you hear some words drifting across the room to you, not even addressed to you… or you hear a song and something jumps out at you to give you courage… it is the energy of Raphael coming to you, encouraging you, letting you know you are not alone.

Receive this. Receive this love, receive this strength. Understand you would not have chosen this path unless you were ready. Each one of you, without exception, are creating the most amazing reality, choosing the most amazing potentials. You cannot always see them, sometimes all you can see are the limitations around you. But within those limitations, those seeming limitations, there are potentials.

As you disconnect… disconnect from mass consciousness, disconnect from family, disconnect from all of the sources that have sustained you until now… you are allowing yourself to re-connect with your Center, with your own Source. You are becoming your own source. This will serve to allow so much to unfold in your life, beyond even what you can imagine.

We sit with you in this moment, breathing in your energy, energy of the Ones with the courage to be, and to remain, in human form at this time. We know it is a challenge. We know it is difficult. There are those who will choose to not remain. We honor this. We honor each one of you. We see you, we feel you. We feel the disconnection , even from us.

“Disconnection” does not mean “separation.” Does not mean rejection. Disconnection means returning to your Self.

It is with the greatest honor that we witness you, disconnecting from All That Is and connecting to your Self.

It is with the greatest honor that we salute your courage and persistence.

And it is with the greatest Love that we embrace you.

We are complete.