Raphael – July 8, 2006


It is time.

It is time for each of you: to step into your full being; to step into your full divinity; to step into your full humanity. It is time.

Allow yourselves to feel the energies of the one who speaks.

The energies of Raphael, the Angel of Courage, here to acknowledge you, here by your request. The Energies of Raphael stand beside each one of you. More accurate, the energies of Raphael stand behind you. Perhaps you feel a sense of hands on your shoulders, a strength behind you – a reflection of your strength – assisting you in moving forward, giving you that boost when you most need it.

The energies of Raphael, they reflect back your own courage. Yes, we can bring the energy of courage to you, in a way, but it would be more accurate to say we remind you. We reflect your own courage back to you.

You who are here, you who will hear or read this, you are the ones who embody courage. You are the ones who helped create, so very long ago, the energies of Raphael. Yes, the archangels, they were created, before earth ever began, by you. Each one… carrying a specific energy, a specific family imprint, a specific dynamic… carrying that… holding that energy for you, for you to tap into whenever you need it.

For every human experience, or condition, or emotion, or whatever you want to call it, there is an overlaying energy – a pillar in the Order of the Arc – that will assist you in finding your clarity, your balance, your ability to deal with whatever it is. You, each of you, created this for yourselves. Each of you can tap into these energies whenever you need to. You don’t need to know the name, you don’t need to know any specific Being. Just know that the energies are there.

And indeed it is time now for you to make full use of every tool you have ever given yourselves. To make full use of all of the assistance that you have lain along your own path, bringing it now to you. It is not that the path was preordained, it is that you set into place these different things, these different tools, and you would draw them to you at the appropriate moment. Don’t try and figure out what they are, just know within yourselves that every tool you will ever need is now available to you, in every moment.

With the breath, with your clarity, with your compassion you can access anything you need.
As these final days and hours draw to a close… this measurement of time before this moment that all of you and all of us and All That Is have been waiting for for so long… allow yourselves to feel what is happening. On the surface yes, it will be another Midsummer Conference, as you call it. It will be a gathering of Shaumbra, a gathering of wonderful energies. But it is more, much more than it appears. It is a marker.

It is a marker… you could say that it is the quantum leap time for Shaumbra. Yes, all of humanity and consciousness are preparing for this quantum leap that you know is coming in your next year, but this… Shaumbra, you always go first – you know that… in a way, this is your quantum leap celebration.

If you could see…. allow yourselves to open, close your eyes and move within yourself.

Breathe in all that you are and then allow your energies to expand, allow your awareness to open.

Expand out beyond this room, with the breath.

Allow your awareness to expand beyond this city.

Allow your awareness to open and to expand and to include all of the earth.

And then, with the breath, allow your consciousness and your awareness to expand even more. You can imagine becoming aware of the physical space around your earth, your solar system, or the energetic space, it doesn’t matter. Can you feel how full it is? How many Being and Angels and energies are gathering for this celebration?

Your families are here. Oh you know, we’re not speaking of your human family of this lifetime, but your soul families. Not all of them are in body, but they are here. Your angelic families… some you have not “seen,” so to speak, for eons of time, because you went first. Each of you, the ambassador or the emissary, the scout for your angelic families, come to Earth to go through this first. They also gather now: to welcome you home; to honor you for everything that you’ve done… everything that you’ve done; to thank you for everything that you’ve chosen.

You are related to many different energies. Not every angel has chosen to become human. There are those who go off and have played, and continue to play, in other realms and other realities. But they also have heard the signal: it is time. It is time for the graduation of these first human angels who have successfully… survived! …who have brought in the New Energy. The first Creators to exist outside of Home, taking on your full Creator mantle. It is not that you’ve remembered or gone back, but that you have become. You have become all that you are.

Allow yourself to feel the gathering. Infinitely more than just three hundred humans, infinitely more significant than just another Conference. Each of you… each one… you will be there whether in body or in energy. You are participating. Allow yourselves to feel this energy that you have created.
As you go forth, understand that any and every energy that you need to assist you will be immediately and instantly available to you.

The energies of Raphael, of courage. Courage will be so very needed by so very many humans. Each of you, you carry the energy of courage. You know it well, for you have faced more than most humans would believe let alone understand. But when they come to you, in whatever way, in whatever moment, and there is fear in their heart, reflect back to them their own courage. Call in, whether out loud or just within yourself, call in the energies of Raphael. I will come and stand behind them, with my hands on their shoulders, my voice whispering in their ear, “Take courage, you can do this.” Each of you know this well, I have been here for each of you.

There are many energies available: Energies of Hope; energies of Awakening; of Truth; Compassion; Clarity. So many energies, in an instant, will be there for you – because they are within you – for you to reflect back to the ones who come to you. This is indeed not about you any more.

Do not imagine any more that you have problems. You don’t need to have anything fixed. Even now, some of you come to this time of graduation and you think “Boy, I barely made it. Got a D minus but at least I made it.” Give yourselves those A’s! You have each graded yourselves, you gave yourself passing marks… barely. But you have passed your exams with flying colors, as you say.

Oh, and the colors that you carry, the colors that you wear in your energy, they shine like never before. You wonder how the other humans will find you? You are like a beacon! Like a flare, a rainbow, however you want to picture it, with the colors you shine forth. They will come to you because you are clear at last – and you are radiating.

You are complete. You are ready. You ARE all that you are. You are the Creators. Humanity is ready for you.

It is time.


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