Coherence (Part 2)

Shoud – January 4, 2006


Greetings, dear angels, dear human angels. Indeed we could sit here with you, breathing with you, for hours and hours of your time.

There is so much that happens when you breathe together. And so much that goes “on pause.” Your minds are so busy. Your bodies are so busy. When you give yourself the gift of simply sitting with yourself and breathing, it helps your to mind become calm, helps your body rest. And yes it gives your body and your mind and your heart – your emotions – the safe energy. The safe space in which you can come back into balance. There is NOTHING that you need to work at or push or control. No particular thoughts you need to think, no particular feelings you need to feel, no particular techniques you need to use. Simply the breath.

Place your attention on the breath. Do this here… as we speak to you, place your attention on the breath as it comes into you. Don’t force it, receive it. RECEIVE the breath. Notice how it feels as it fills you. And then release the breath and notice how you feel as you release it. You’re not pushing it away, you’re not taking hold of it by force. You are simply receiving, and then releasing.

It is like the shore at the ocean. It receives the waves that come in and then releases them as they go out. They bring… the waves bring treasures, sometimes. Sometimes simply the gentle washing.

When you breathe, don’t work at it. Don’t push it. Don’t force it. Receive the breath.

And place your attention on it. Don’t think about whether you’re doing it right or wrong. Allow it to happen. Notice your breath, observe your breath. Observe the breath with your body. How does your body receive a breath? The breath of life.

You see, you can receive the breath in many ways. You can take in the oxygen, you can perceive the oxygen itself coming into you, melding with your biology, bringing you life force, moving throughout your body. You can bring your awareness to this level. You can sense it.

You can also perceive the breath in other ways. When you breathe… when you take the conscious breath… it is more than taking in the oxygen. It is allowing the energy of LIFE that is all around you… multi-dimensional energy… it is allowing yourself to receive that. And you can perceive this, if you bring your awareness within yourself and how you are receiving this Breath of Life.

Perhaps you can feel the energies here, all around you. Like a soup of energies, there are many here. Many angels, many who join you. You have felt them already. When you take the breath, allow yourself to feel these energies as they permeate your energy. As they come into you. Oh, you are still complete, you are still coherent – and oh yes, we’re going to speak of that. You are still yourself when you receive other energies. It does not dilute you. You are still all that you are. But you can FEEL it. You can compare it a bit like a tree that receives the wind passing through.

RECEIVE the breath.

Now… At our last gathering we spoke a bit of coherence. We spoke a bit of finding your tone, your note, your own resonant frequency. And we’re going to work with you a bit on this night to help you find that tone within yourself, in this moment. Your tone can change, depending on your physical state, your emotional state, your mental state. Depending upon your conscious awareness. Depending on many things, your tone can change. Don’t imagine it has to always be the same. And you can perceive your tone in many different ways.

So… allow yourself now to receive the breath. Bring your awareness within yourself. Let go of your awareness of the others in this room. Let go of the awareness of things you have to do… other aspects of your life… concerns and cares… questions. Bring your awareness into YOU for this time. Allow yourself to receive the breath and to receive the energies that are here for you. Energies that you have called forth. Energies that you are bringing to yourself.

Turn your attention inward, within your Being. You can imagine that you have had all of these tendrils or these arms reaching out of you, these energetic projections that have been holding your attention in many different places… all of the things you have to keep track of in your life. Bring those now back to you, like retracting your energy back into yourself. Back into you, releasing everything that is external.

Allow yourself to sink deeper and deeper into you.

Allow yourself to be received by You.

Allow your awareness to go deep within the center of you.

You are safe. You are totally safe within yourself.

Receive yourself.

Receive the breath.

In this sacred and safe space within you, you can find your tone. Allow yourself to feel YOU. What is inside you? Oh, inside – you are vast. There are many colors, many sounds, many experiences, many memories, many strands of thought. Allow yourself to perceive beyond all of these. It is as if all of these many different things inside you are the waves on the ocean. There are great waves… and there are ripples on the waves… and there is foam on the waves. All of these many aspects of the waves. But deeper within you, it is still. At a deeper level you are clear, you are coherent. Allow yourself to feel your energy at this level, where you are clear. Where you are complete.

Now… simply feel. Find out how it is that you perceive your Self. How it is that you perceive your tone. Perhaps you sense a color. Perhaps you sense a sound. Perhaps you sense a particular vibration. Perhaps you sense a texture inside you. Don’t try to make it BE anything, simply find out what is there. We’re going to breathe with you for a few moments here as you go deep inside you, and find your own tone.


If you have a bit of difficulty, simply allow it. Your mind, perhaps, has all sorts of ideas about what you’re looking for. Perhaps you’re full of questions. Allow it all to be. It is all a part of you. The questions… the thoughts… everything that you experience is part of your tone. As you allow yourself to sense your tone, all of these things will slowly come into resonance with your tone. Perhaps they will still be there, but perhaps you will not notice them, as everything inside you begins to move as one. As everything inside you comes into coherence. There are still many expressions of you, but they are all together, in a way. They all match, they all resonate. Allow yourself to feel this.


Perhaps you have heard of the athletes when they are in their “zone.” It is as if they are beyond time. They are almost outside of themselves and running on autopilot; fully present, hyper aware, playing their game perfectly when they are in the zone. It is because all of who they are is coherent in that moment. It is resonating together. Their attention, their awareness, their energy, is not scattered in different directions. And yet, they are aware of so much more.

You see, as humans you feel you have to keep your attention in many directions at once so you don’t miss anything. So you don’t forget something, so you take care of all the things you have to do. And this tends to scatter your energy. Sometimes it goes off in the future or in the past. Sometimes it goes out to others, all over the place. When you come into resonance with yourself… you could say vibrating to the same frequency… it is then that you become hyper aware, ultra aware, ultra effective. You become the Conscious Creator of your life.

Can you FEEL the potentials in that! Can you feel the potential of being a conscious creator in every moment? You are beginning to own your creatorship, you are beginning to understand that you do indeed create your experience. Sometimes you still don’t know how, sometimes you wonder “why.” But you are beginning to acknowledge that you DO create your experience.

When you come into coherence… when you come into what you call the Zone… oh, then you are FOCUSED. You are CLEAR. You are EFFECTIVE. You are FULLY CONSCIOUS. And you will be able to create very effectively.

It will not be by pushing energy, it will not be by having an agenda. Because when you are that clear, and that focused, you do not need those things. You simply ARE everything you need to be. You are all that you are.


There are many examples we could give of coherent energy and it’s creator abilities. We love the example of coherent light. It is a laser. You can do many, many things with a laser.

Incoherent light is also wonderful. It is warm, brings light, blesses you in many ways. We don’t want you to get the idea here that incoherence is to be shunned. But when you’re ready to consciously create your life… without effort, without pushing, without agenda… magically, in the moment, manifesting. When you are ready to do this, come into coherence with yourself.

When you have an agenda of how you think that life should be; when you have an idea of what you want to accomplish or to create; your energy is going out of coherence with you. You are projecting it into the future, you are hooking it onto a goal. There are so many ways you go outside of yourself.

To experience everything you desire, come into coherence with yourself. Come into the Zone.

You see, when an athlete comes into the Zone, they do not have the game all mapped out. They do not know, from one moment to the next, what their actions will be. They don’t know what they’re going to create. They just are in the moment, completely. Funny that it happens they usually win the game. Because they are fully focused in the Now moment, coherent with themself.

Now, we want to give you an example… or experience… or a tool… to help you find coherence, to help you experience it so that you can come into it more and more easily. Eventually… can you imagine the potentials of living every moment of your life in coherence? Being so fully present with yourself that you are present with whoever is in front of you? Whatever is happening in your life? That you are creating everything you need? Can you imagine the potential of living in coherence in every moment? This IS your potential if you choose it.

We will give you a tool to help you experience what this feels like. Don’t go off into your mind trying to figure it out, don’t worry whether you’ve got it or not. Play with it. Athletes… it is called a “game” because they are PLAYING! And when they find the Zone it is not through efforting or working. It is through surrender to the game. So we don’t want you to work at this, we want you to play with this.

In a few moments, after the channel is over, we want you to take one of the flowers that we have requested to be here tonight. Go and choose a flower and sit with it… and breathe it… and experience it. You see, flowers are one of the most coherent energies on earth. They are VERY coherent, many of them. Some of them have been altered in some way, but generally flowers are incredibly coherent.

Do you ever wonder why it is that flowers smell so good? It is to help you breathe in their essence. To help you breathe in and embody coherence! You wonder why flowers are so compelling to you. You even have “flower essences.” What is it about them that is so effective? It is coherence. Very strong, powerful coherence.

So in a few moments here we want you to take a flower. Sit with it. Look at it. Smell it. Taste it, if you want. Feel it. Allow your energy to expand and blend with the energy of the flower. How does it FEEL to you? Simply allow yourself to experience this.

So… we will come back to this again, we will speak of it more. But we want you to play with this. We want you to imagine the potentials of living in coherence with YOU.

Not with anyone else around you. Don’t adjust yourself to resonate with anyone else. This will take you OUT of coherence with yourself. It will scatter your energy. Don’t adjust to resonate with anyone else.

When you are clear, when you are in coherence, there is SO much available to you. You are creating your life. You are creating the potential for others to find their coherence more easily. The flowers will assist you, giving you a taste of what it is like. Can you imagine how much more potent it would be to have a human let you taste what coherence is like?

Don’t adjust yourself to resonate with anyone else. You’re not going to clash – have you ever seen flowers that don’t look good together? You will co-exist just fine.

Come into coherence with yourself.

We are complete.