Shoud – March 1, 2006


Greetings beloved Angels.

Indeed that is what you are. Each one of you so much more an angel than you even know. You have the concept that you are an angel in human form, you have the mental knowledge. But you truly are melding and blending the human and angelic energies in ways that have never been done before.

You wonder sometimes why you feel so disoriented. You wonder why you seem to lose whole chunks of time, or simply seem to be “somewhere else.” It is because your human self is unaccustomed to this shifting and blending that you are doing with your angelic energies. So we are coming in on this night to share with you, to be with you, to help you re-balance your own energies.

You see, when Shaumbra come together in this way and simply breathe, there is so much that happens. Oh yes, the human self perhaps wants to sit and breathe, do your duty. “We’re supposed to breathe now.” And after a few moments you get bored, your mind is going off in different directions.

But if you stay with yourself long enough… yes indeed we requested an extended time of simply breathing, with no words even to guide you, to simply let you be with your Self. When you give yourself the gift of this time with you… not going off into stories, not going off on all sorts of adventures in your mind, but simply being with YOU… this is such a gift to you.

When you give yourself this time, eventually, if you allow, you find that your mind calms down. You don’t have to fight it, you don’t have to reject it. You certainly do not have to control it. Simply allow it. Allow it to settle into this peace that is at the center of you.

So we love when you give yourself this time to breathe, to be with you.
When you come together like this, allowing your energies to meld… your own human and angelic energies, allowing them to meld in a new way; and allowing the blending and weaving of your energies with the others, and even with us the angels who come in to assist you… you provide something like a Balance Point for all of Shaumbra. You provide a Point of Clarity. Like a drop in a lake, it ripples out to affect so much beyond that original point.

Last week we spoke of waves of clarity. When you come together like this and allow yourself to come into coherence with You, you create this – you could say – drop of energy, dropping into the consciousness of Shaumbra and the consciousness of humanity. That drop of clarity that then ripples out to affect far more than you could imagine.

Indeed, it goes beyond even the human consciousness of humanity. We, the angels, can feel it. The ones who join their energies… oh yes, when Shaumbra gather, dear Tobias, Saint-Germain, Kuthumi – the ones who love you so much – are never far. They are never far. They can feel your energies also. They can feel the shift and the change when you sink into yourself, when – let’s say – you fall down from your head into your Being. Such a gift you give to yourself and to All That Is.
This integration that you are allowing, we will speak of it a bit. Indeed it is a transition. It is a shift within you in a way that has never been done before. You are learning about disconnecting, and up until this period of time “to disconnect” – you could say – was humanity’s greatest fear. The fear of death is the greatest fear a human generally has. The fear of annihilation, of separation. Disconnection or rejection from God, from other humans. Rejection of Self.

You see, this sense of disconnection has been one of your biggest fears, because up until now you would not have survived. It would be like a baby who is forming in the womb, being disconnected from the mother too soon. It would perish. And so this was a very primal fear. It meant your survival.

But you are birthing yourselves, and you are disconnecting from that lifeline that has sustained you all this time. You are disconnecting from Home. You heard Tobias or Saint-Germain talk about the Field, and the Grid, the Crystalline realms that you have been hooked into. The Field is what carries the energy of All That Is. How could you disconnect from this? Before now it would have meant annihilation – and this could not be. What would All That Is be without All of It.

But now… you are coming to the point of birth. Oh, and you can feel the birth pains. You can feel that compression, contraction, that “pressing in” all around you. The constriction. You feel that you cannot do anything, that nothing is working.

It is like a child, ready to be born. As it grew and matured in the womb it had a bit of ability to move. It was all it knew. It could suck it’s thumb, or kick and shift. That was it’s world, it’s experience. But now as it is ready to be born it finds it can no longer even move. The reality it knew, this reality of Home, it is collapsing.

This disconnection, it is profound. It is something you have never done before. We want you to acknowledge and to realize what you are doing. You are choosing to allow yourself to disconnect from that which has sustained you your entire existence. Will you survive? Will you perish?

There is a spark within you, the spark of life, the desire to BE, that propels you, that sustains you. The desire of God to express. There is a part of you that does not know what the outcome will be. It is a unique and individual experience for each one of you. There will be some commonalities, but it will be unique to you. Every birth is different, every Being is unique.

As you allow this process to happen, remind yourself that it is… in a way it is the end. But it is such a beginning. Such a grand beginning.

The birth of a child; it is a magical event. The new human goes from very limiting conditions to freedom. We know the analogy is somewhat limited because a newborn human is still a bit helpless and dependent. But you, dear Gods, you are birthing yourself into – dare we say – omnipotence. You have identified God, or All That Is as omnipotent. Omnipresent. Omniscient. All-knowing. Can you allow yourself to be all-knowing?

And we don’t mean the knowing of the mind here. The mind could not possibly know everything. But YOU can! You do. You have access to anything and everything that you could possibly need. You can allow yourself to be all-knowing.

You are birthing yourself from this limited and dependent and constricted human reality that you have grown up in. You’ve come to maturity, this is the time of birthing a whole new being. What shall we call you? You are Human, and you are Angel, you are God, you are Creator – all blended into one. No longer a child that is dependent, no longer one who is constrained by his environment. One who is birthing into true freedom. True freedom.

We know your minds are wondering “How can this be? My life is only getting smaller, it seems.” Indeed this happens just before the birth. In your moments of doubt or difficulty we want you to stop for a moment and breathe. You see, when you take the breath, when you take the conscious breath, it integrates energy with matter. Even at your basic level the atmosphere or the air blends with your body. The solid and the immaterial, blending. This is a manifestation of what happens at your energy levels also. The human, the divine. The biology with the angelic.

When you take the conscious breath, allow your awareness to open. Feel the Angel that you are. You are used to feeling the Human that you are. It is not that you will become an Angel one day, or that you will become God one day. Your only limitation is your awareness. The extent to which you allow yourself to know who you are – this is your only limitation. Can you allow yourself to know, to feel, to be? It is not that you have to go and do anything different. Life will unfold. Can you allow yourself to know all that you are?

Give yourself compassion for this time. Indeed it is difficult, you feel what feels like constriction or limitation. Understand, you are birthing yourself. Understand what you are choosing… the grand expression that you have chosen and that you are beginning to manifest.

It will take a bit of adjustment. It will take a great deal of trust, a great deal of compassion, honoring yourself for all that you’re feeling, all that you’re going through, all of the doubts and the difficulties. But we tell you, each one of you who is hearing this or reading this, you are drawn to it because this is your time. This is your time.


We’re going to throw a party for you, pass around the cigars. We’re going to welcome you into your new existence as Prime Source, as Creator Essence. Can you imagine yourself being All That Is?

You are bringing Home with you. You ARE Home. YOU ARE HOME. Not that you are AT Home, you are the essence of Home. Can you imagine that you will have creations and expressions… giving life and energy, putting it out there… and that those creations might long to return home the way that you used to long to return Home?

You see, Home comes TO you. Home comes WITH you. And now, Home IS you. Can you feel that? Can you feel how you are your own First Circle? Whole and complete, outside of duality?

Take a breath now and breathe this in. Allow your awareness… if you cannot comprehend the enormity of this, allow for the potential. Allow for the potential.

Each of us, the angels who come in to speak to you, we follow you. We’re not your leaders, we’re not your guides. We have not already ascended. We’re simply not in human form – yet. We follow you. You are leading the way. You are not coming back to where we exist, we follow you.

Do you know who you are? You are not some Being in a story, you are far beyond any story. You are Source. Each of you are the Source, the Home for a whole new circle of Creation.

We honor you.

We are complete.