A Creator Chooses

Shoud – June 24, 2006


(long silence)

Can you feel the energies that fill this room? Oh yes, we have been channeling here for several minutes already, coming in, sharing your energies, greeting each of you, bowing to you, the Masters.

What a gathering this is. A gathering of the true Masters, of the ones who have chosen to say “I AM ready,” but even beyond ready. Each one of you, you were ready a long time ago. You have been choosing life, you have been living, you have not been holding back. You, the group who is here, you are leading consciousness. You said “I am ready” months, or even years ago. It has been difficult, breaking the new trail is challenging for the ones who go first, but you are strong. You are determined.

It is such a delight to come in and share this time and this space with you. Take a look how far you’ve come since these gatherings began. Yes, a couple of you were here at the beginning and if you recall we said – and you said to yourselves – “This is the beginning of something grand. Each one of you will go forth from this core and live, create, be and embody all that you are.” Your lives have changed, you have grown, you have finally begun to believe us. We are here to honor you, to hear YOU, to applaud you.

Who is here? Allow yourself to feel. Quite a wonderful gathering, you in the center, each of you, this gathering of Masters. We come to sit at your feet. Allow yourselves to feel the energies as we come to you, one by one. We know you so well.


Tobias comes… we are each speaking with you, each speaking through this voice. We will not differentiate for the ease of communication but allow yourselves to feel the energies… of I Tobias. I know each of you so well… we share so much… if you allow yourselves to remember…. I come around now and greet each of you… hug you.

I see you.


The energies of Adamus, damn Adamus… or Saint Germain. Take your pick. I am all things. I embody it all. And I come to you, to each of you, in the way that you request, you see. The way that you perceive me is accurate, even though each one might be different. And yet, there is so much more. I AM all! As are you. Allow yourselves to be all. To be all things, in each moment. In each moment, let it be new… ah, here I am teaching again! (laughter)

You know all this. I come to each one of you now, to acknowledge you, a special word with each one of you. Allow yourselves to feel it for a moment.


O. Yes, you felt the energy of O on this day, coming in with such bluster and celebration. (referring to a storm that passed through) Oh yes, by request – thank you! Here to acknowledge the Masters that you are, here to remind you to BE the Masters. You forget, you pretend you are not, you pretend you are still stupid or confused! Gosh!

We could be long-winded but we are here to honor you. You DO have your answers, they ARE within you. It is time to remember yourself and to be the new you, the complete you. To BE authentic.

Oh I have known each of you also. Many of you have hated me, I killed a couple of you. What fun! We have learned from each other, we have played on this playing field many times. What an honor it is to witness a whole group remembering who they are – and going beyond remembering to embodying all that you are. You are NEW. It is not that you are going back to some former state of perfection. You can remember the clarity and the innocence of childhood, but you would not want to return to that inexperienced and ignorant state. When you left Home you were children. Now you are adults, you are grownups.

You have been through countless experiences, now you are remembering your true identity. You are remembering your royalty, you could say. The lost Prince and Princesses, Kings and Queens… Gods and Goddesses. You forgot! You are remembering but it is not about going backwards, back to who you used to be. It is now to embody all that you are.

So I come now to each of you, I bow to you at last, greet you as my equals.


Ah, the energies of one who is not supposed to be here… Namaste! (laughter) We won’t tell! (laughter and prolonged giggling)

We don’t even need to speak! (more laughter)

Indeed Kuthumi is silent – but not distant. He embraces each one of you… feel the soft and rich golden energy that he wraps around you. So much compassion and honor…

Sometimes there are no words needed.


Mmm, yes indeed, open your hearts – ah yes, they are open – and feel the energies of the Great Mother… Mother Mary…. Goddess Mary… as she holds each of you. Oh, each one of you have spent lifetimes in service to me. You have given of yourselves, you have given yourselves to others, you have knelt at my feet seeking just a touch, just a whisper, and at last allowing yourselves to feel my embrace.

I come now to each of you, in a new way, in this New Energy that you have brought, to embrace you. To honor YOU, my children. I’m not your physical mother, as you know, but so many of you have turned to me. Now look at you, all grown up.

Perhaps you feel my tears of joy as they touch your cheek. Perhaps you feel my caress as only a mother can touch you. Breathe it in my dear ones.

(long pause)

So, what do you have to say to us, and to yourselves on this night?

You have taken ownership of your creatorship. Indeed you CAN choose the weather – what a wonderful game! (One of the group said that he had “ordered” the rain and incredible storm that had just passed through.) You see, anything is possible when there is honor in your heart, when you are not resisting.

This is You now, speaking to you.

You can choose anything when you’re not in resistance. When you accept what is, and you honor what is, you can choose anything. So many humans think that to create something new they have to not like what is and so they create all sorts of circumstances so that they don’t like them enough to choose something new! But it’s like choosing another crayon to color with. If you’re using a red one you don’t have to start hating the red in order to choose a blue one! Allow yourselves to have FUN with this, to choose little things as well as big things.

Do you know what a radical idea it is to choose?? Each of you… oh you have learned in this lifetime – this lifetime full of many lifetimes – to not resist. You have learned to allow, learned to flow, learned to let life unfold without resistance. You thought that was the ultimate. If you could be in a state of non-resistance you would become enlightened. You have become enlightened long ago, you just forgot!

A Creator chooses. When you’re going to create a painting, do you allow the wind to come and tip the paint onto the canvas? Or will you choose the colors and begin to paint?

A Creator chooses. You can always choose again, you can paint another color over the first one. When you make a choice it is for the moment. You’re not committed to that choice to the end of time or even to the end of the day.

Choose in each new moment, but choose. Choose the color that you’re going to play with THIS moment. Choose the picture you’re going to paint. Choose the tune you’re going to sing.

You are free. You are whole. You are complete. You are enlightened. You are all that you are. Now, have fun! Choose!

It is a delight to see the choices you’ve been making, but we have to say: many of you are still doing very wonderful at allowing. But you could choose so much more. Can you choose… can you make MORE than just enough choices? You choose the big stuff and then you allow everything else.

Can you see how deeply it is ingrained in your consciousness… “You’ve got three wishes, better make ’em count because there won’t be any more.” You have infinite choices and infinite opportunities to choose. Do not limit your choosing. Do not limit.


Breathe now, feel this incredible second circle of energies around you, coming in close, embracing you. You don’t need our words, you don’t need more information. We want to share our energies with you. We want to meet you, to share this space, to allow the dimensions to merge, to allow the veil to cease.

Just feel us.


Perhaps some of you can relate to this in this lifetimes, but all of you have had lifetimes where you stand in worship of God. Perhaps you stand in a circle and sing his praises, perhaps you fall to the ground in prayer and adoration. You each have lived this reality.

Now, in this moment, YOU are God. And we are here in adoration of you. You, the Ascended Masters. We are here, gathered round, singing YOUR praises.

We are complete.