It Is Time

Shoud – October 2004


Dear Family, the time has come for you to own… embody… be… live… relish… embrace… ALL of who you are. The time has past for fear. The time is gone for hiding. The time for doubting yourself is no more. The One you are… the grand angel, the Being of Light and yes, of Dark… it is time for this Being to be seen and known – by yourself as well as every other.

Indeed, you ARE grand! So many of you, of us, have gone through changes that we would have deemed impossible not so long ago. Indeed, we have wondered many times if these changes WERE actually possible to go through in such a short time.

When we came into this lifetime… ah, we had the grandest agenda of any lifetime we have ever lived. We came in to change the world, to BE the change in the world. We have worked so hard preparing for this, coming to earth so many times… tweaking this and that… learning lessons… gaining experience and understanding… getting ready for the day when we would choose. When humanity would choose, again, whether or not to bring in the New Energy. We have known for a very long time that it was a potential. But, like a grand and awesome experiment, no matter how much preparation is done, no matter how many dry runs are given, you just don’t know how the real thing will unfold until you actually try it.

Indeed, all eyes are upon us. They have been for many years now, and we are gathering more attention every day. The angels, the demons, the Beings from all of creation, the ones we have been in the past, even our future potentials… all are watching us, watching earth right now in this grand unfolding. For we are doing what has never been done before. We are OWNING our creator-hood, we are embodying Source energy – from which all was born – in a way that has never been done.

Ah, we have learned so much. Do you remember? For so long we loved only ourselves… but it was a small, selfish, and vicious love. Then, slowly, we opened and learned the joy of loving another, of combining our energies for a common good. We learned to sacrifice our self, to turn our small self-love into hatred, in order to have enough love for others. We thought there was a limited supply. We created so many experiences to explore the depths and the heights of love and hate.

But now… we have discovered Who it is that we truly are. We have found the pearl of great price. We have experienced the pains of birthing our divinity, our godhood. And here we are. We understand now that we have created it all. That every experience, every pain, every joy, every love and every hate… it has all been so appropriate. We are ready now to embrace it all. We know the truth, and we are ready to embody and live it… to BE who we have always been, at our core.

What a tremendous journey this has been. Do you remember? Do you remember the excitement? Do you remember the butterflies in your stomach just before you were born? Do you remember the celebration, the send-off party we had? The good wishes from the crew that we put together to support us through what we knew would be the darkest of times? Our very best friends, the ones with whom we have shared so much over the eons of our existence, the ones who happily deferred to us the immense job of being human at this time? It was the biggest going-away party ever, for we knew the stakes were high. And we knew we would forget, at least for a while, why we were here. But we handpicked our team, each one of us.

Ah, can you feel the joy and ecstatic excitement they are feeling now, as we awaken and remember? They are surrounding each of you now, as you read this. Can you feel their tears of joy? The congratulation hugs, the hearty slaps on the back, the cheering… for a job well done? Breathe it in, family. You did it. You are here. You need no other now to validate you. To speak truth for you. To save you. To forgive you. Perhaps only to remind you, now and then, of who you are.

The time has come to know, to remember, and to be – ALL of you. There is no other, any longer, who has a higher truth than you. There is no other who can know what you do not. There is no other who is ahead of you. Stop looking outside of yourself for what is already within.

For so long, we could not see our shining star within. It was obscured by the blackness of forgetting… by the darkness of rejection… by the fog of separation. We needed those who were messengers of the Divine, who had a special connection, it seemed… we needed them to tell us the truth, for we could not see it on our own.

But the work we came to do has been done. The agenda has been fulfilled. The Angels that we are… we have earned our wings. As we live and be, in every Now, that which we are… as we follow our joy in this very moment… as we embrace everything we have ever experienced – and embody the wisdom gained… we create, again, All That Is.

It is time.