Divine Birth

Elizabeth – December 3, 2004


Dear ones, I am here in honor of you, and in honor of the one who channels this today. Indeed we have been working with her recently, as with all of you, to open up to all of who she is, to stop hiding and to embody, fully, every aspect of herself. This is what we are working on with ALL of you right now.

At this time I will be known as Elizabeth, though it is not the full expression of my energy.

As Jean becomes accustomed to my energy, you will hear more and more from us. It will be a partnership in the truest sense of the word, for these communications will be from both of us. Yes, some of you ask… why not simply channel you own Self? Why not speak your own words instead of turning to some outside entity for answers? Very good questions indeed, dear ones. And the answer would be that it IS all inside you. You DO carry all the answers within. And, we are all here together.

The veil has thinned to the point where we can interact with you much closer. We are not some grand entity in a far-off dimension, who comes in now and then to speak with you. We are here, with you, intermingling with YOU. Think of a kaleidoscope. The colors within it, the pieces and bits of treasure that are inside that make so many different and beautiful patterns… why would you choose only one color? With all the colors together, it is much more beautiful, and you can appreciate each color even more.

So, we ask you to shine brightly your OWN color, and at the same time interact with our colors too! As we shine and reflect off each other, beauty never before seen is created.
We bring you a message today of compassion. Compassion for yourself, for the dear human being that you are. Ah, you have each had so many lifetimes of struggle, of learning, of growing through so many different and difficult experiences. And now, you are bringing in and living in this grand New Energy. And you find yourselves frustrated that you are not doing it faster! Frustrated that you still feel fear, still feel anger and even still feel frustration sometimes!

Dear ones, you are changing lifetimes upon lifetimes of energy patterns, in what seems to us to be the blink of an eye. So we ask you to care for yourself, to have compassion and love and mercy for yourself.

You see, when a woman gives birth, there is pain, there is frustration, perhaps shouting, perhaps drama, even anger. Things are messy and very earthy. And yet, this is all embraced with the deepest love and compassion, for the process that is happening is the most wondrous thing in the world!

Dear ones, YOU are giving birth!!! Did you think that it would be painless, or immaculate, or quiet? No!! Embrace this process in all it’s messiness! Embrace the pain, the discomfort, the weariness, the unfolding. A birth does not last forever, though in the moment it may seem so. And it brings in a NEW LIFE, as you are bringing in NEW ENERGY. It is a grand and awesome event that is taking place right now and it is much heralded on many, many realms.

And remember, the very best tool a woman has to help her through the birth process is – the breath! No matter what situation presents itself to you, in every moment BREATHE! This is truly the key that unlocks the door of all potentials.
We also bring you the message this day of honesty. You see, in this new era, in this time that you are living in, there simply is no more reason to express anything but truth. Now, this has many facets. First – it is to be honest with your Self. Do you feel fear? Do you feel anger? Do you feel small? Do you feel brave? Do you feel grand? Do you feel wise? Acknowledge that. Embrace it. Allow it to be your Truth in that moment. BE who you are in each moment. This does not mean that you impose your truth on any other, but that you allow it to be real for YOU.

There is also honesty towards others. You do not wish to do something that someone thinks you should do? Or that someone has requested? Be honest! You are not so happy about something? Be honest. You desire something? Be honest. If someone asks you to share yourself in any way, be honest – whatever that may mean in each moment.
And we also bring you a message of trust. Trust. It is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself. Trust in yourself, your own knowings, your own leading, your own insights, your own truth. Trust that all is appropriate, that you HAVE created every experience for your own highest good, that you DO love yourself and that you ARE a grand and magnificent Divine Human Being!

Ah yes, you have heard so many times that you are grand angels, but it is easy to dismiss this. “Yes, somewhere out there, somehow, in some other dimension, perhaps I am a grand angel. But here in this life, on this earth, in these circumstances, I feel quite small and not-grand.” Ah, we love you for this. But, dear ones, it is time to see the grand Humans that you are! Look at the magic and miracles that you are creating, right now. Look at the wonder of your life, the awareness you bring to each moment. You DO light the way for those who follow, and there is much, much honor for you in this.

We will speak with you much more in the days to come, and we thank you for the work that you do.

In compassion Now, we embrace you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Who is Elizabeth?

I am an angel who has been in human form many times. I have worked with Jean throughout this lifetime, though until now below the conscious levels. She and I have shared earthly lives and I come in now to assist her in bringing in the Divine Feminine energy in it’s fullness. I am known in many ways. I work closely with many of you, behind the scenes, helping to bring in the balance of your feminine selves. It is time now for me to become known on a more conscious level. You – each of you, man or woman – are ready, as Jean is ready, to embody this feminine energy that is whole and complete. The work you have done to heal the wound of Isis is what has made this possible.

Indeed, I have been with you in your darkest hours, holding you and nurturing you. My color is a golden blue. If you allow, you can see this, though it is difficult to see with the human eyes. As we speak more with you, you will recognize my energy. It is you, Beloved.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Note from Jean: Now, in 2012, I recognize “Elizabeth” as a manifestation of Isera. What a beautiful journey we have shared.