Sisters of Isis

Divine Feminine – February 15, 2005


Blessing and honor to you, dear angels.

Blessing and honor for all that you have chosen, all that you have allowed, all that you are experiencing.

Here today to share our energies with you – you could say – is the Divine Feminine. I speak to you, the one you would know as the Magdalene, Myriem. Indeed a new energy for this one who channels. But you see, each of you are bringing me in. The energies that I carry – you are allowing. With me, in this moment, are many others; Some who’s names you would recognize, some who’s names have been forgotten. Energies of the Divine Feminine, embodied in humans on earth.

The energies of Sarah, mother of nations. The energies of mother Mary. The energies of Elizabeth. Energies of Mariam, sister of Moses. Energies of the one you call Nefertiti.
Energies of Diana. And so many other goddesses, women, angels. Divine feminine manifested in human form. These are the energies that fill this room.

These grand ones come to nurture you, to hold you, to hear you, and to bow to you. Indeed this message is to be shared, for it is to all of Shaumbra, to all Lightworkers, energy workers who have been working harder and longer and deeper than ever before with energies of allowing resolution.

Oh, it is so much more than just a concept, so much more than a mental idea. Indeed as you have experienced, it affects your very biology, this energy that is moving and finding it’s resolution. What you have chosen to do, each one of you… what you have chosen to do by allowing lifetimes upon lifetimes upon lifetimes of pain and suffering, imbalance of every kind… by allowing these to find healing and resolution and release, not only in this lifetime but in this moment. This day. This week.

Do you, at the human level, have any concept of what you are doing? We know it is a challenge. It is not something that you need to do all at once. Ah, but you Shaumbra, you have never been ones to take the long way, or take the slow way. So we are here to support you and to comfort you. Sisters of Isis we are all.

You do not carry the wounds for all of humanity . You do not take on yourself the burdens of Other. There is no more need for this. It is quite enough for you to take on your own, quite enough indeed. If you could see the potentials in the future that you are creating this moment – you would be amazed.

Do not think for one moment that this is going to go on and on with no reprieve. Each one of you, you are getting down to the core, down to the basics, the foundation of these energies. Your body is a manifestation of your energy. In the past it has taken the element of Time for your energy to manifest in the body. It is becoming faster and faster. Many times now it is becoming nearly instantaneous where you go through a shift in your energy, you allow re-balancing to take place in your energy field, and nearly immediately it manifests in your biology.

Perhaps some of you are experiencing what you would call the negative effects of this, for you are clearing so much. In a way you could say you have gotten into the very core of you now. The core of you. You are clearing out so much old and stuck energy that has been there for eons. Rather than going through some long and drawn out process that would take months and years, you are choosing hours and days. Indeed this puts a strain on your biology. But indeed it clears the way for your full creatorship to manifest within you.

Take the breathe in this moment, allow yourself to feel your core. We know your body is in discomfort, it is in pain perhaps. Bring your attention, your awareness, to your very center. Breathe with this for a moment, breathe into your center. The core of you. Can you feel the openness, the spaciousness that is opening up inside you? As all of these old energies are pressed out to the surface, in a way… this is energetic. It is manifesting in your biology but in a way it is clearing from the center to the exterior. From energy through the matter. Moving from dense, stuck energy into biology and into resolution and freedom.

Understand, you are not alone. The eyes of the universe are upon each one of you. The hands of countless angels touching you, supporting you. The heart of every human who has ever lived are lifted because of what you’re doing. You are doing it for yourself, no longer do you carry the burden for others. But by doing for you, you do indeed clear the way. You show the way for every other.

The gratitude for you… yes you who hears or reads this, this moment… the gratitude towards you from All That Is is overflowing. By allowing this energy to come to resolution within you, you allow the healing of All That Is. It is for you, it is by you. It IS you.

There is so much honor for you. We want you to become more accustomed to communicating with us. We are here. We, the collective feminine energy, and the individual feminine essences… we are with you, working with you, supporting you. You know, in your human life perhaps, how supportive it is to have a group of women come together in love and trust, supporting each other. We come to you with this love and support and trust. Whether you are a man or a woman is irrelevant. We come to you in loving and supporting energies.

We are here every moment. Communicate with us. Speak with us, tell us what you need. You do not have to do it all at once… you are ALREADY doing it all at once! You do not need to strain the body quite so much. Indeed it goes by faster but understand, the intensity of what you feel is because you have come to the core.

All eyes and all hearts are upon you. You are NOT alone.

We are always with you.


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  1. Dear Beloved One

    I am experience death of the mother of all my friends. I would like to know if you can help guide me with my role on earth and if I have a connection with Goddess Isis.