Playing In Reality

Saint Germain – March 8, 2005


I am that I am. I am the energy of Saint Germain, the one you know as Professor.

We come again to you, having spoken many words to you only a few short days ago. But we come now with a message of simplicity. YOU are the ones who create your reality. You ARE the creators. Look around you, know that everything you see… every facet of your experience… you have brought to yourself. You have learned to play well within the illusion. You have learned the rules, you have felt the solidity, you have heard the words of certainty that this IS real.

What is REAL is your experience. But your experience is based upon an illusion. When you see a frightening movie, the fear, the racing heart, the sweaty hands – these are real. But the movie is an illusion! And the moment you remember that, you change your experience.

What you see – everything you see – is a projection of your consciousness. That which holds your awareness is that which seems real to you. Begin to place your awareness between the layers of “reality.” Bring your awareness to the potentials that surround you. They are like bubbles of energy, waiting to be expressed. Use your awareness, your “knowing attention” to create your experience.

You want to experience the illusory nature of matter? Bring your knowing attention, your awareness, to the space between the molecules and atoms. You do not need to “see” this with your physical eyes, you already KNOW the reality of the structure. Allow yourself to sense and feel it. Bring your knowing awareness to that which you wish to experience. You see, every possible experience is available for you to choose. Every experience, every potential experience, simply awaits your attention, your awareness.

When you listen to music, at first you hear all of it, the entire spectrum of sounds that make up the song. But if you shift your awareness to certain aspects of the music… the rhythm, the base line, the drum track, the harmony, the guitar riffs, the background vocals… any of these distinct aspects which make up the music… when you shift and bring your knowing attention to these different aspects, you create a different experience of the music. You hear a different melody. You hear a different rhythm, perhaps. You hear the melody that makes up the baseline, or that makes up the harmony.

You create your experience by what you bring your awareness to. You can focus your attention so closely that a certain aspect FILLS your experience, nearly to the exclusion of the other aspects.

Do you see the parallels here? The hypnotism that you are operating within tells you that a certain song is playing, with a certain rhythm, a certain melody. But, if you choose, you can become aware of so much more within this. There are so many levels and layers that you have completely missed.

Play with this. Bring your attention to the layers between the obvious. When you sit with water, for example, bring your knowing attention to the space between the molecules. Play with this. Imagine absorbing the oxygen from the water into yourself, through whatever means you choose. Imagine the hydrogen atoms dancing and swirling. This is not to direct them or control them, but to simply bring your awareness to this level. To help you learn how to “imagine” beyond your 3d perceptions. You see, you “know” how water is constructed. You “know” of the space between the atoms, the electron, the protons. You “know” this – now bring your knowing attention to this level and EXPERIENCE it in your imagination.

Now, go even deeper. We have told you about the deeper structures, the energetic types of grid work that your “reality” is based upon. You have seen the models of DNA, you have heard us talk about the many different strands. Bring your knowing attention to THIS level. Bring your awareness to the level of creation. Again, this is not to direct or push energy, it is to bring your awareness to this level… to show yourself that you DO know, that you CAN perceive the very essence of creation.

You can bring your awareness to any level that you choose. This is how you create your experience. Most humans limit their awareness to a very narrow spectrum of “reality.” They allow their experience to be defined by the reports of what others have experienced. But truly, you can experience ANYTHING. This is what your imagination is for!

You can bring your knowing attention to the level of the stars. You “know” of the sun… bring your awareness to it. Create an experience of the sun. Go deep within it, feel the grand power that burns within it. Explore the moon, the planets, the galaxy. You have created all of these, you are intimately familiar with them on other levels. You already KNOW about them. Now bring your knowing attention – your awareness – to whatever you choose, and create a new level of experience.

You know, at so many levels, so much more than you realize at your human, hypnotized level. Allow these knowings to come to you. Explore whatever you wish to explore. It is time to bring the awareness to your human self. Trust what you perceive. You are not trying to make anything happen. You are not changing the structures of matter. You are not pushing energy. You are simply opening your awareness to many more levels… to what is truly there. You are not traveling away, out from your body, projecting far away. You are placing your awareness at whatever level you choose – and CREATING YOUR EXPERIENCE, here and now.

You do this already, every moment of every day. Become CONSCIOUS of it! You CAN choose. You CAN direct your awareness, your knowing attention, to whatever you wish to experience. Play with this, have fun with it! I will meet you there.

I am Saint Germain. I am all that I am, and all that you can be.