Do It or Dump It

Metatron – January 17, 2005


Greetings beloved ones. I am Metatron, YOUR voice in spirit.

I come to you this day with a request that you – each one of you – has asked me to voice.

It is time. It is time for you to clean house, to release those things you no longer need.

Yes, where so many of you live, the time of spring is nearing, and it is time for spring cleaning. It is time to release that which no longer serves you. That which is lying about in your consciousness, forgotten or in the way. Perhaps that you have been tripping over.

Ah, but you have released so much, you say. What more could there be? Yes indeed, you have completely remodeled your inner reality. And now it is time to clear the rubble… to turn your attention to those things that may have been overlooked for the more pressing and urgent issues that you have faced.

And so, we ask you…. YOU ask you… this request:

Make a list of everything within you that carries the energy of “should.” It does not matter how big, it does not matter how small. If it’s something you feel you should do – write it down. Anything and everything. Give yourself the time to do this. Write down every should that you have within you.

Now, look at your list and everything on it – and Do It or Dump It!

Each item on your list – do it or let it go. Those things you have lying around in your awareness, tugging at bits of your energy… it is time to resolve them, once and for all. All of your energy is needed… all of your energy WILL be needed in the days to come. You must have at your disposal every part of You.

It is of utmost importance now for you to be CONGRUENT on EVERY level.

Are there are issues you are hiding? Are there things you have pushed to the back? Things you have saved for a later date? Now is the time, dear ones. Now is the time.

No longer can you spend ANY of your energy gathering dust. Those things within you that you wait and wait to address… wait no longer. You are ready. Dear one – you who reads this Now – you are ready! You are ready to clean your new house.

There is much energy to be moved. By removing these niggling little things that have been stuck to you, it will allow the flow to be smooth. It will reduce the turbulence you have felt. As the river is full of rocks and boulders it causes turbulence… the flowing water, the moving energy, is very turbulent. As you remove your “shoulds,” the “obligations,” the “duties” that have been waiting for your attention…. each thing that has been eating at you, large or small… yes, even the smallest is important… As you Do these, or Dump them – it IS YOUR choice – it will allow for much greater quantities of energy to flow through you in a much smoother fashion.

Dear ones, it is time.