Coherence (Part 1)

Shoud – December 28, 2005


Greetings, beloved ones.

Greetings to you, greetings to us, for indeed this is a Shoud. It is you… each of the humans here, each of the angels here – the human angels. Do not separate yourselves!

Once again, it is quite a gathering. Some of you have had a glimpse of the magnitude. There are so many beings here that make up this gathering, far more than the humans. Ah, but not so separate.

So, we greet ourselves, we greet you.

It is a wonderful thing when you choose to breathe, when you give yourselves this gift, simply sitting with you. Sitting in your own space, in your own energy, giving yourself the gift of Life, giving yourself the opportunity to be human Beings instead of human Doings. We know you’ve heard those words before, but they hold so much truth. You understand in your mind, you understand the concept. But to embody BEING a human Being… how often do you choose to give this to yourself? So we are giving you a gentle reminder – and gratitude. Yes, you are each giving yourself gratitude for this gift, for choosing to sit and breathe for a time.

You see, there is SO much that happens. You think you are sitting still, you think you are doing nothing, perhaps your mind goes wandering off… there is so much going on at the other levels. You are allowing yourself… this is very important… you are allowing yourself to come into COHERENCE.

When you give yourself this gift of sitting with the breath, simply being with yourself for a bit of time and simply allowing Life, it brings your energy into coherence.

You allow us to come in and work with you. It is a bit like running a comb through your hair. It is going every direction and you run a comb through it and you bring it into coherence. When you allow, we… the angels who are with you, who work with you… we can come in and help you bring your energies into coherence. We can come and work with you, help you find this new balance, this coherence.

It also serves to give your biology, at every level… as you have heard, you have many levels of your biology. Sitting with the breath, giving yourself this gift, gives you, gives your biology the gift of the Safe Energy. It allows your body to come into coherence, to come back into balance. You see, you are a self-balancing Being – when you allow yourself.

We have spoken before how energy seeks resolution. It is not that energy is constantly seeking… seeking and seeking all over the place… energy FINDS it’s resolution, the same way that water seeks it’s own level. It EMBODIES its own level. It is not that it is seeking, trying to find. It simply BECOMES its own level.

It is the same with energy, when you allow it. You see, with water you don’t have to push it to become level. You don’t have to work at it. You don’t have to force it. You don’t have to direct energy towards it. You simply allow it, and it becomes level.

It is the same with you, the same with your energy, the energy of all that you are… the energy of your biology… your emotions… your mind… all that you are. Energy seeks resolution. And when you allow, it BECOMES RESOLVED. It becomes coherent, you see.

So when you sit with yourself and you give yourself this gift of breathing, even for a few moments, you give such a gift to You. You empower yourself. You give yourself the gift of Life. You activate your Creatorship at a more conscious level. And when we speak of creatorship, we are not speaking of visualizing and pushing energies and trying. We are speaking of activating the Creator that you already are. You already ARE creating your life. You empower yourself when you breathe.

So… we encourage you to give this to yourself every day. What a wonderful way to begin your day, to begin your day coming into coherence. Breathing into yourself the energies of the night. Oh your nights are generally very busy, you are very busy as you sleep. You are learning, you are teaching, you’re experiencing… you are doing many things. You can integrate all of this into your Self in the morning when you simply give yourself a few minutes to breathe, to begin your day in coherence.

You will be able to feel this. Even a bit of time ago when you sat and breathed, you could FEEL the shift. You could feel your energies become calm, come back into coherence and balance. It’s not something your mind will necessarily understand. It will want more information, it is too simple. Reassure your mind that you are taking care of it, and you are taking care of you.

So…. how does coherence serve you? Why would you choose to come into coherence? Oh, it feels wonderful, it brings you vitality and balance. But then what?

As you know, when light is coherent it becomes a laser. And with a laser you can do many things… many things. A laser is a very potent energy expression. There are many things you are capable of when you are coherent.

You could also call it “resonant.” When you are resonating with yourself, when you are “in tune,” there is not the dissonance of the energy going in many different directions.

In this moment take the breath. Allow the breath to fill you. FEEL as your energy comes into coherence, as your atoms and molecules begin vibrating in unison. If you were to truly and completely allow this… allow all that you are, at every level, to come into unison… the potentials are staggering. But in this moment, choose to allow. Allow yourself to resonate with the energy that is here.

Another way you could speak of this is “entrainment.” Allow your energy to entrain, to match itself, to match the energies that are here. This is… in a way, it is what a Shoud is. It is a gathering together and a weaving and entraining of all of the energies. All of them coming into coherence together.

Allow yourself to do this.

You are safe. You are safe here. There is nothing that’s going to come in and harm you. Nothing is going to take control or possession of you. You are beyond that, you are in the Safe energy. Can you surrender to your Self? Oh, the energy that is here, that is created here…. it is created by you. YOU are the grandest angels in this gathering. Can you surrender to YOU? Can you allow yourself to let go and to fall back into you? Begin to resonate with YOURSELF.

It is like there is a part of you that is plucking a string on a guitar, a clear and pure note. The different levels of you… the human self, the soul self, the angel self, the divine self… it is like the different strings on the guitar, they play different notes. They have different experiences. But when they allow themselves to resonate, when they are in tune, you can pluck one clear note and the others begin to vibrate in resonance. They begin to match. But you have to allow it. You can’t work at it, you can try to pluck the other notes to match. Oh, you can try…, but simply allow. Allow the different levels of you to come into resonance, to begin to resonate or vibrate together.

It is an amazing thing – a human angel who is coherent. You are coming more and more into this. All of these things you are going through… the releasing, all of these experiences and processes, this ascension process… it is nothing more than allowing yourself to come into resonance with you. Letting go of all of the other things that hold you back, that limit. When you can do this fully… you have each experienced moments of this, moments when your human self, your emotional self, your physical self… when the different parts of you match. You have experienced moments. But you are coming to the place where it can become a way of life.

Even your mind will come to this place – if you allow it. Do not try to control it, do not judge it. If you allow, your mind will even come into resonance with all of you. And when this happens, you are truly an empowered Human Angel.

We have more to speak of on this, but you have… we have ALL chosen to wait. We will continue this subject at your next gathering. We want you to play with this in the coming days. Play with simply allowing.

When you take the breath it is like taking all the fingers off of the guitar strings, all of the ways that keep them from sounding their own tone. When you take the breath it is allowing YOU to find your note. And then… don’t try, don’t force… ALLOW your note to sound within you. Experience it how you will; it may be something you feel… may be something you hear… may be something you see. It may only be something you sense or simply know.

Simply KNOW it is there, this clear and pure note of your divinity. Allow it to sound and allow the rest of you to come into resonance with that. Resonate with you. Become coherent with you. You don’t need to go off and hook up with the angels, or go off and find Tobias, or any of these others… come into resonance with yourself. With yourself. We will work with you on this, we will remind you. Give yourself time every day to BE with YOU.

Take the breath, and simply ALLOW. This is not something to WORK on, only allow.

We are complete.