Elizabeth – December 21, 2005


Beloved ones… beloved angels… beloved human angels… I am Elizabeth.

I come to speak to you, to Shoud the energies that have gathered here, that you have called. There are many levels or layers to this Shoud. Allow yourselves to feel…

In this New Energy the realities that you are beginning to deal with go far beyond what the mind can comprehend. You can access them only through your feelings, through your Being. This is why we have you breathe at the beginning. When you take the conscious breath, when you choose to breathe… yes, you choose life, and you choose to integrate all that you are. The breath serves to knit together, to bring into coherence, all of the levels of you. It serves to activate your divine senses, serves to calm the mind. It serves to bring balance to your energies.

So much of your days are spent with your energies focused in your mind, sometimes you forget about your body. When you take the breath it brings a balance. It takes the concentration of your energy away from the mind and fills your Self with you. When you inhabit yourself, when you are fully embodied within yourself, then it is that the divine senses begin to awaken and you can feel us. You can feel and sense things that your mind may not understand. It is very, very real.

So… you could say that the first level or layer of this Shoud is a triangle. It is I who speak to you at one corner, it is Tobias at one corner, and Saint-Germain at one corner, cooperating together. Bringing together the energies of all of you, knitting it together. You could say this triangle is at the center of you, your circle here. You could also say it encompasses this circle.

Oh, this circle is the next layer of energies here. The circle of human angels, choosing to participate, bringing your energy here. Each one of you is here by divine appointment. There is a great deal of energy work being done, communication taking place. Perhaps you can feel it, perhaps it is below the conscious level. Understand that you are here by divine appointment to participate, to be the leaders that you are and that you have been. And to facilitate the birth of something new.

Another layer of this Shoud is all of the angels that have come with each of you. Take the breath, this moment. Allow yourself to feel the angels that surround each one of you, the ones who are with you in each moment. Yes they have come with you, they come with you wherever you go. They are here in love and support and compassion for you.

You, dear humans, the ones who were brave enough, with courage enough, to embody on earth in biology at this time in history. We cannot say it enough, what a grand choice you made. This IS the most challenging lifetime you will ever live. Each one of you are facing so many different dynamics, facing so many things that are triggering lifetimes and lifetimes of energies that you have chosen to bring up for resolution. As we have said, there were bets placed on our side whether you could even do it, certainly not in a single lifetime.

So yes, your angels are here supporting you every moment, in so many ways.

Another layer that is here… and you thought this was a small gathering of humans! Another layer that is here and participating and observing… so many other angels. You see, when Shaumbra come together it is like a beacon, a flashing neon sign across the heavens and all the dimensions: There is something happening here tonight! They are going to move some energy, the stars of the show! Let’s go check it out.

So there is quite a gathering, so many angels. Oh, some of them you know. Some of them perhaps you do not remember. Allow yourself, this moment, to feel all of the different levels of energies that are here. There is no hierarchy, there is no level that is above or more important than any other. (pause) This is not entirely accurate for we have to say the most important level of this Shoud is you the humans. We want you to truly understand and acknowledge who you are.

You see, in this lifetime, so many of you… you have come in in “normal” circumstances, nothing that would draw attention to yourselves. You chose it this way, because you knew that you could have more of an impact where it truly mattered. But you, dear ones, you are the leaders. You have been the leaders in other lifetimes. You have been the ones that humanity has looked to, sometimes in the public eye, sometimes behind the scenes. But each of you here have always been at the leading edge.

So what is it that you have to say to yourselves, and to all of us, on this night?


Ah, we could simply sit and listen to you.

Oh yes, you are speaking. Your human ears want the words but you are already communicating: You are ready. You are ready to BE all that you are. You have spent years releasing, growing, discovering yourself. You are ready to give birth, here and now, in THIS reality, to your divinity. To the God that you are. To the true and complete and whole angel that is You.

Can you allow this? Can you allow yourself to give birth to you? To celebrate you? Oh, you celebrate the birth of a child – can you celebrate your Self? Can you celebrate the birth of You? You have been in labor for SO long!

On this, the longest night of the year, it is a turning point. The dawn comes sooner and sooner. The birth of a new season. The birth of the New Energy.

Yes, you celebrate the birth of Christ, the one who embodied clarity, who’s energy was so clear that anything unclear simply melted away, you see. He did not exert power over those he healed. He did not drive out the illness. He did not push the energy. He simply brought his clarity. He saw through the illusion. HE CHOSE TO SEE WITH CLARITY.

The birth of the Crystal Clear Child. This is what you celebrate at this time. And it is time to celebrate your Self. Can you allow now the birth of your own Crystal Clear Divine Self? The One who can see through all of the illusion? Can you allow this? Can you imagine this? You are ready.

Your mind will say “Oh, what does this mean? I still see lack, I still see these problems. I still see all of these challenges I face.”

With clarity you can see through these things. You can see the truth of who you are and of what you’re creating. You can see how it serves you, you can see how it feeds you. Can you allow your own Crystal Clear perception to BE?

You do indeed create your reality, you create your experience. It is created through your perception. As you know, even at the human level the perception is different for each one. If you see an incident that is seen by five people there will be different perceptions and five different experiences. YOU CREATE YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH YOUR PERCEPTION. You are ready to choose clarity, to perceive with clarity.

You see, when you choose clear, it is not pushing unclear energy away. It is not pushing energy at all to choose clarity. It is seeing with new sight. It is like you are looking at your reality out of focus. It is difficult to perceive, perhaps some things will be misinterpreted. When you choose clarity it is like bringing everything into focus and you see through it. You see the levels of creation. You see the ways that all of this is serving you.

You are ready. When you choose clarity you will radiate this energy. Others will be drawn to you, whether they know it or not… whether you notice it or not… whether they are in human form or not… whether their energy is drawn to you or their human self is drawn to you. When you embody clarity, you create this potential for so many others to choose.

You are the leaders. You are the ones who choose to go first, to embody clarity first. If you could see how many look to you… over your many lifetimes you have impacted countless other beings on earth. And also between lifetimes, and on the other realms, even while you sleep. You are the teachers, you are the leaders. And when you choose clarity this impacts everyone around you, seen and unseen.

Do not take this on as a burden. You’re not responsible for anyone but you any more. Let that go also. Yes, over the years you have been the leaders and this has meant that you take on the burden of all of the ones who look up to you or who follow you, the ones “in your care.” But you no longer need to place that burden upon yourself. You’re responsible now only for you.

We love to use the analogy of the lighthouse. Ah, the lighthouse, it cares for only itself. It keeps it’s OWN fire burning. It does not go out onto the sea to save the ships. It does not go out and calm the storm. It does not go out and do anything. It’s energy, you could say, is spent keeping it’s own self whole and complete. Caring for it’s own needs, keepings it’s fire burning, keeping it’s windows clear. And by caring for itself, it shines, and all of the ones around are affected. And that potential is there for them to choose if they desire.

It is the same with you. Care for your SELF. Keep your OWN fire burning. Keep your OWN needs met. Give the love in your heart to your Self. Care for YOU first and you will shine like a beacon to all of those around you, on all of the levels.

So… take the breath… this moment to allow yourself to feel us here with you. Understand that so much goes on at the other levels. So much communication, so much understanding. And oh yes, such an exchange of love between all of us. We who speak to you… who, you could say, are on the other side of the veil from you… oh, the veil is almost non-existent. We can come in so close to you now, communicate with you so directly. This will only grow. The veil will only continue to thin. It does not even need to be there unless you choose it. You, we all, created the veil. The veil is nothing more than your perception of separation. You can allow yourself to feel the energies, to feel us as we come and embrace you. Feel us as we stand here together with you. We are here, as real as you are. The veil is gone!

Allow yourself to perceive with all of your senses. Your body, your biology, has it’s own senses. There are many levels to you… your energy body, the energy matrix that you are built upon. Your soul self. Your angel self… all of these levels of you each have many senses and ways of perceiving energies. With the breath you bring all of these together and allow yourself to sense… to perceive. Allow your perceptions to go beyond what your mind is used to.

So… we will continue to be with you. We will sit here with you for a bit of time.

We celebrate you. We celebrate… on this night and at this time… we celebrate the birth of YOU, of the Crystal Clear Angel that you are.

We are complete.