Jean comes from a deep Christian background, having been born and raised in the family of a Seventh Day Adventist minister. For as long as she can remember, she has always been in close contact with Spirit and has had many experiences of deep communion over the years.

In 1997 she began channeling God, first for herself and then to share with others. As she moved forward along her spiritual journey she came to recognize that “God” came in different flavors, expressing different facets and aspects of the divine energy. Over the years Jean has worked with many angelic beings including Tobias, St. Germain, Raphael, Kuthumi, Yeshua and others, all of whom are here to assist and support humans who are ready to awaken and embody their divinity.

Jean’s greatest passion is embodiment of the I Am, which has become the answer to her lifelong search for truth. It is a difficult and sometimes lonely journey, and she finds great joy in sharing her gifts and even personal experiences with those on a similar path. She can be reached through the contact form below.

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