Why Lose Everything?

Published in Shaumbra Heartbeat, June 2008

Kuthumi told us a joke a while back: “A funny thing happened on the way to ascension. I lost everything!”

Well, I’ve heard some pretty funny things from him but I didn’t hear anyone laughing at that joke. What’s the point of some grand ascension if you have to lose everything that’s precious to you? If every hello becomes goodbye, and every treasure becomes baggage?

So many Shaumbra have lost so much – friends, lovers, children, possessions, homes, jobs – in fact just about everything that had previously defined them. I can personally attest that “losing everything” pretty much does mean everything. And yet, along the way I have also lost a few things I didn’t expect – doubt, hesitation, lack, old wounds, energy entanglements with others, fears within myself, confusion, concern about other’s opinions – and so many other limitations I’d been holding onto.

One morning just a few days ago I experienced another deep letting go and felt the “void” that it left inside me. But as I just breathed with it – not making a story about it, not trying to change what I felt or make it go away, not holding onto what had been – I noticed something. There was less “drag” inside me, less turbulence and pull. These things I’d been holding onto – people, situations, stories – they had been like extra baggage hindering the flow of energy around and through me.

Remember a couple months ago when Saint-Germain invited us to “dive in,” to feel and experience life fully? When you dive into a swimming pool fully clothed, it becomes an instant challenge to swim or even stay afloat – and it’s even worse if you’re trying to hold onto someone else! But as you shed the layers until you are only yourself, you become light and free in the water, easily experiencing and moving within it.

All those things that have been so precious to us and so important to our lives have served us well. But in this New Energy they are only weights and extra layers that hold us back.

Are you willing to let go…

…of the nagging doubt that hinders your self-expression, that holds you back from being your Self, that says it’s safer to be small – and fill your world with YOU?

…of the possessions that say something about you, that indicate your success but perhaps do not bring joy, that might even be distractions – and possess yourself instead?

…of the ones you love and have loved for lifetimes, the ones who count on you to care for them, even the ones who nurture you – and fly free?

…of what you thought would happen, of the way you wish it was, of every single ‘should’ – and dive into Life, as it is, right NOW? (That’s the easy button, by the way.)

…of caring what someone thinks about you, even if they are very important to you, even if they have strong opinions, even if they might be right – and make your OWN opinion all that matters?

…of the way you’ve always done things, because “that’s just the way you are,” because something new might not work – and explore a brand New Energy You?

…of the stories about yourself, the dramas of the past, the one you used to be – and express who you are right NOW?

Most of all, are you willing to move into the fast lane, step on the gas and hit the open uncharted road of ascension?

You don’t have to, of course. There’s no one to do it for but yourself, and you have all the time in the Universe. But hey, the fast track is running right there alongside the slow lane; the easy button is right there next to the struggle button; Yes is right next to No; Go is right next to Wait; and Now is even closer than Later. It’s up to you.

Where does your heart call you? How high does your speedometer go? How much gas do you have in your tank? And how much of that precious luggage do you really still need?

You see, losing everything on the way to ascension is actually letting go of all the limitations that have held you back and slowed you down. When the space shuttle lifts off, it has rockets at its side to give it the boost it needs to get going. But soon their usefulness is spent and the shuttle lets them go, even though they were necessary for survival just moments before, because now they would only slow it down. And it still has everything it needs.

When you can truly allow yourself to let go of everything, whatever you need will find its way to you; whatever serves you will keep up with you; and everything that doesn’t… well, you wouldn’t really want it anyway, right?

Let go… dive in… and find out what it’s like to fly!

(And once in a while, when you wonder if it’s worth it, take a look behind you at all the ones who are flying in your wake.)


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