The Magic and Mystery of Being Shaumbra…

Published in Shaumbra Heartbeat, February 2008


…seeing a baby looking at you over dad’s shoulder and whispering, heart to heart, “Welcome, you’re going to love it here, just don’t forget who you are!”

…hearing your name called out while you’re teetering on the edge of waking up, and knowing it’s YOU calling you home.

…getting surprised by a sudden glow of sunlight, stopping to really FEEL it for a moment, and suddenly feeling yourself expand beyond all boundaries of time and space. And you can’t explain the silly grin on your face the rest of the day.

…working up the nerve to say “I love you,” out loud, to yourself… and then feeling the overwhelming love that washes over you and makes you cry.

…waking up from a dream meeting full of Shaumbra and knowing we all just planned something big… again.

…giving your parking angel a raise because now most of the traffic lights are green too!

…having such a good conversation with your invisible buddies that you don’t answer the phone because it would interrupt the party.

…taking off on an adventure with no money in the bank – but no doubt in your pocket either – and having the time of your life.

…waking up from an interactive “dream” to find the other person has been thinking of you and wants to meet for coffee.

…when something “bad” happens in your life you secretly chuckle at the strange look on people’s faces when you just shrug it off with “Oh well, it’s not about me.”

… hearing cheers from the other realms when you decide to toss your obligations and do something else “just because you want to.”

…meeting another Shaumbra for the first time ever and having the conversation start up as if you had just been together yesterday.

…you can’t be bothered with looking for a relationship because you’re so happily smitten with your own lovely self.

… REALLY wanting to go to a concert but it’s sold out and you’re broke anyway… and then all sorts of synchronistic things happen that you never could have planned – and you find yourself on the front row!

…saying to someone who is complaining about their body, “Have you talked to it?” And they give you that look…

… seeing a raven and being SURE that it’s Saint-Germain keeping an eye on you. And the little sparrow twittering outside the window is most definitely Tobias.

…someone comments on the gorgeous weather and you just say “Thanks!”

…you look up at the stars at night and wonder which ones YOU created.

…you love an old dead Jewish guy so much you’re actually kinda sad that he’s coming back to life…!

…you have conversations with inanimate objects and wonder why they don’t talk to other people.

…you see some sparkles out of the corner of your eye and just say “Hi guys!” as you go on about your business.

…when your computer starts having problems, instead of calling tech support you sit back and breathe – and pretty soon it’s working fine!

…even when things are looking dismal you keep going because you just can’t be bothered with ANOTHER lifetime to sort it all out.

…dissolving into tears at work and someone walks by and asks if you’re okay. You flash a soggy grin and say “Yeah, I’m just bringing someone home.”

…looking 10 years older than you did yesterday, but not being worried because tomorrow you’ll look 15 years younger.

… traveling overseas to visit a Shaumbra friend and when the customs people want to know how you met this person you don’t know whether to talk about the Internet or the Crusades or Jesus or Atlantis or what…?

…being disappointed if no one shows up to talk to you in the shower.

…singing a mushy love song to yourself with so much passion that it makes you cry.

Ah, what a life!!


The Magic and Mystery of Being Shaumbra… — 2 Comments

  1. wow….. stumbled on this page and got goosebumps with each line I read… do you know me so well!?! brought a big smile to my face on a grey day…thanks x