Diving In

Published in Shaumbra Heartbeat, March 2008

Pondering this edition of Shaumbra Heartbeat, I found lots of seemingly disconnected ideas wandering though my mind. And every time I’d try to find the words it was like trying to grab onto a dream. Poof – gone! Aha, to write about the heart of Shaumbra one must dive in and feel the heart of Shaumbra! And here you are, around the world…

…gazing out on a snowy winter day… watching angel dust drifting through the trees… listening with every sense to the white silence that Gaia has wrapped around herself… and in that moment knowing the world is perfect.

…trembling at the choice that’s just been made, for it means a chapter in the book of your life is drawing to a close. A goodbye is forming that you never thought you’d say. And yet, through your determination and your tears, you see the new potentials already pressing in.

…breathing back from a very special dream and realizing your life just found a new direction. Even in the fog of “barely awake,” you feel ideas taking form, details filling in, and you know that whatever has been cooking in your crystalline kitchen is finally ready.

…weeping with another farewell, another release in a lifetime of hello’s and goodbye’s. All your contracts are complete, you know there will be no more, and in this void of completeness you wonder what is left. Drifting away to accolades of a job well done? Or perhaps finally creating something just for you…

…staring at the ceiling at 3 AM, wishing Saint-Germain would come and teach you how to manifest a little cash so you can pay the bills. But after a while of stomach-knotting worry, you remember to breathe… ah yes, he did say something about the “breath of receiving.” Could it really be so easy?

…driving down the open road, alone at last, not quite sure what’s next but knowing it was time go. Will you be back? Or will home be somewhere new? Well, the questions can wait. Now it’s time to sing at the top of your lungs – in between giggles because you can hear Kuthumi singing right along with you
…wondering why on earth you’re still going to this job you don’t really like. But one day someone starts talking to you and you find yourself really feeling them. You hear some wise words coming out of your mouth and everything seems to change – even though you can’t quite remember what you just said. And as they thank you through their tears, you remember the job is just a cover for who you really are.

…realizing that you just don’t want to go to that family gathering where everyone is expecting you. In fact, you’d much rather go off and be with yourself for a while but those old obligations are shouting in your ear. And then someone whispers inside you, “But what about you?” So you play hooky, have the time of your life, and experience the blessing of finally taking care of YOU.

…walking through the old part of town where the buildings have stood for centuries… or driving down some country road you’ve never been on before… something shifts and you feel the layers of your own history mingled in with everything else. Pausing for a moment, you offer a silent welcome to an old and tired aspect. Some tears… a hug… a few deep breaths… and another you has found its way back home to You.

…after a long, confusing adventure that didn’t go anything like you had planned, you’re totally fed up with it all and you wish Saint-Germain would show up just so you could give him a piece of your mind. But gradually you start to realize that your anger and frustration are actually waking up a long-buried (and pretty awesome) part of You, and as your attention turns inside you hear, “Ah… there you are!”

Diving in. As Saint-Germain shared on Saturday, there is SO much to dive into and feel, and the heart of Shaumbra just might be the best of all. You can feel determination, sadness, joy, release, tenderness, deepest love, curiosity, strength, passion, incredible courage, and so much more.

Dive in to the heart of Shaumbra and feel the heart of a Master.

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