A New Day

Published in Shaumbra Heartbeat, April 2008

Dear Shaumbra, one of the most exciting and potentially far-reaching creations that the Crimson Circle has ever manifested is the Call to Awaken, a co-channeling by Tobias and the amazing musicians from our Quantum Leap Celebration, Amir and Gerhard. If you haven’t heard it yet, you are in for an incredible experience. As the name suggests, it is a message of awakening, first for Shaumbra and then for the world. It is a call that finds its way into the soul and triggers something that has been asleep for a very long time.

And yet… are YOU really ready to wake up? Do you jump out of bed and race into your day, or do you linger for a while, wishing for a few more minutes of sleep? When it’s time to wake up, how many of us would much rather crawl back under the covers, pull the blankets over our head and sleep for “just a little longer”?

Ah, sometimes it can seem so much more comfortable to keep those old familiar overlays of fear and doubt wrapped warm and snug around us rather than stepping out into the cool unknown of choice and trust.

Some of us are “morning” people, jumping out of the illusions almost before the call is sounded, racing ahead into the new day and new consciousness. And some of us would really like to sleep just a little longer, not quite ready to be fully conscious creators, not quite ready to be all that we really are, not quite ready to wake up. And so, along with his tender and powerful Call to Awaken, Tobias has now invited us to speak up, to tell someone else who we really are. In essence, he is encouraging us to say, “Good morning world, here I am!”

He has been gently nudging us awake for several years now, just like we asked him to – sometimes bringing in Saint-Germain to turn up the volume a bit! – and now, whether we have been yawning and dawdling along, or dashing out the door on the run, he is reminding us that it is truly time to get going. It is time to be and do what we really came here for. Believe it or not, we actually didn’t come here to work on our “issues” or fix our “problems.” Those were just distractions, like the silly dreams and scary nightmares that entertain us while we sleep. The moment we wake up we remember that “it was all just a dream,” and then we remember that WE are the ones who set the alarm clock that he’s ringinig!

These last few years Tobias has been poking at our sleeping self and saying, “Time to wake up, dear angel. Time to remember who you are.” We asked him to do that for us, we asked him to stay back and call us when it was time to wake up. And now WE take on the same role for the rest of the world. Humanity has asked the same thing of us, “Please come back and remind us who we are. Please help us wake up when it is finally time.” That’s why we’re here.

Can you imagine what we would we have done if Tobias had been shy? What If he had doubted himself? What would we have done if he had been worried about whether we liked what he had to say? Oh, sometimes we might fuss at him for the things he says, but somewhere we know he is speaking our own words back to us. Eventually we remember that it was US who set the alarm that he is ringing. Feel your own heart, Shaumbra. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you, no reason for you to hesitate. There is no problem you have to solve, no thing you have to fix before you’re ready to speak to those who are beginning to stir. Now THEY are waiting to hear the call, “Wake up, dear one, the time has come.” Are YOU ready to sound the call to awaken? Are YOU ready to be all that you are?

Feel this wake-up call as it resounds through consciousness with every breath, every choice, and with every beat of a Shaumbra heart.

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